Why did girls at HCH choose to take GCSE Computer Science?

Posted: 28th April 2022

The first instalment of a brand new blog by Year 10 GCSE Computer Science girls

The topics covered in the GCSE Computer Science  course cover both theory and programming. Year 10 Computer Science girls created a survey where they collected views on the GCSE Computer Science course.

Why should you choose Computer Science?

Computer Science is becoming increasingly useful in today’s world as technology is integrated into our daily life. With many new jobs created around computing and technology, people thought GCSE Computer Science was an available option to broaden their knowledge on the subject. Many were also interested in the theory side of Computer Science and found a good insight into what’s happening on the devices and how to fix bugs and secure their technology.

What do you like most in computing?

People enjoy the logic in computing and applying it to everyday life. We are also able to write code for computer programs to achieve a task, and helping us to use everyday software. Neelu was also able to create an amazing atmosphere for us to trial ideas and explore our programming capabilities. We are currently learning C#, an object oriented programming language.

What transferable skills have you found from taking computing at HCH?

It has made us more resilient as we try to learn how to code and also exploring pseudocode. Moreover, we have transferred these computational thinking and IT skills to other subjects. Programming languages, pseudocode and flowcharts have given us the ability to learn proper programming terms which could become useful in our further life.

Advice to people thinking of taking Computer Science

Practising coding outside of school as well as in the lessons really helps us to remember how to use different programming structs and makes it a lot easier in lessons. IT skills also help with everyday tasks, especially since phones are much more popular among people in our generation. We would recommend this subject to people in lower years especially because it is a very fun subject. 72% of GCSE students in Year 10 would consider taking Computer Science for A Level.