Sixth Form

50% A*-A grades at A level 2020

Sixth Form students

Academic excellence is developed in all our students through our commitment to an intellectual, creative and questioning environment.

We value individuality, originality and independence; we provide inspirational, traditional lessons with content-driven teaching. We believe the genius of creative expression is built upon the confidence of sure foundations.

We strive to give our students the best possible grounding to take on life’s challenges, through their knowledge of other cultures and languages, and through their own self-awareness, and their acquisition of effective communication skills, in order that they may influence and shape the future.

A level subjects

Our selection of available A levels is based on the list of those most sought after by the top universities.

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A later start at school

As an A level student you have a lot of individual work to do out of lesson time. The later start to lessons is to allow you to find the balance that works for you. We expect that this will mean doing much of your prep work in the morning.

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Off-peak commuting

Whether you decide to use public, own transport or our shuttle service the quality of your travel will increase in the off-peak time. It is easier to spend your journey time productively in less congested hours.

Location and transport options