Hampton Court House Prep is about providing an educational experience centred around the child with bespoke approaches for every individual.

Years 1 – 6


Whether in classroom settings, extra-curricular activities or charity work, we teach the children to be well-rounded and caring and to contribute to all aspects of school life. Our day-to-day curriculum is one of the foundations of this approach. Lessons are designed to be interesting, engaging, supportive and challenging so that all children feel able to do their best. Teachers will always enable children to contribute fully to lessons, learn and demonstrate new knowledge, skills and ideas, and to shape their voice as part of a dynamic, but homely, community. On our curriculum page, you will find more information regarding our French bilingual immersion programme in Years 1-4.


We hope you enjoy exploring Prep at Hampton Court House and encourage you to visit us in person on one of weekly Open Mornings to discover our Achievement With Heart