The wholesome and balanced lunches at Hampton Court House are freshly prepared on-site in partnership with Connect Catering, who champion fresh produce and bespoke menus

We were delighted that Connect Catering joined our team at Hampton Court House in the Spring of 2022. From Meatless Mondays to pear and plum oaty home-made crumbles, the exciting and colourful meals soon proved to be very popular amongst the school community and a highlight of the school day.

Always striving to improve our offering, we invite and encourage pupils to share their feedback on a regular basis through our feedback box. To get a taste of what’s on offer, check out our Instagram lunch highlights!

Sample menus

Sample Lunch Menu 1

Sample Lunch Menu 2

Sample Lunch Menu 3

Any queries related to our lunch menus or for any other catering related enquiries please contact Tim Horton, Head of Operations at Connect Catering. He can be reached via telephone on: +44 (0) 1491 826000