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Headmaster’s Weekly Newsletter, 11th March 2022

Posted: 14th March 2022

We were blessed this week with a proper ‘spring’ feeling and a sense of rejuvenation and brighter days ahead. With everything that is happening in the world right now, the sunshine and warmth was very much welcomed.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

On Wednesday evening parents and staff were treated to an excellent presentation by Holistic Health Coach Katya Bobova ( who spoke to us about the importance of health and nutrition for positive cognitive functioning. Katya shed much light on the need for properly nourishing our children and the complications that can arise if we don’t.

Thank you, Katya!

Poetry in the Park

On Thursday the ‘Poetry around the World’ club turned into ‘Poetry in the Park’. Jo, our Year 5 Form Tutor, took five excited pupils into Bushy Park to read and discuss Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘Dear March’ – a funny and beautiful poem about changing seasons and nature. The pupils looked for the colours Dickinson mentions in her poem and noticed the incredible fossil-like patterns on the old tree trunks in the park. They were lucky with the beautiful Spring weather!

Nature Day

We had a fabulous day on Wednesday celebrating Nature Day. Our amazing parent volunteers, led by Hannah and Vicki, were present in the garden and explained to all of our pupils about what they are doing in the garden and how important it is to connect to nature. All of the year groups visited the garden and planted some seeds in small pots that they took away to their classrooms and that will later be planted in the garden. This is a reflection from Hannah:

“It was so joyful and inspiring to witness the children/students and teachers join in so whole-heartedly. It gave us the chance to really engage with all of them about the garden, and what it could offer them all in time. And I feel very moved and positive about it meaning lots of different things to different ages, too.”

Thank you to Hannah, Vicki, and all of the parent volunteers. You are doing such an amazing job in the garden. It is starting to look beautiful!

Science Week

Next week is Science Week and Thomas, Head of Science, has organised a superb range of activities, competitions, and presentations for the pupils. All of the staff will be thinking about how to incorporate some elements of science in their lessons this week to really focus on the theme.

Book Sale Reminder

The Friends are hosting an Early Years (plus Year One) Book Sale on Friday 18th March 3-4.30pm in the Main Hall. Please come and support the Friends to help raise money to contribute to library facilities at HCH. Please remember to bring cash only!

International Women’s Day

On Tuesday we celebrated International Women’s Day starting with a powerful and thought-provoking assembly by Anja, Head of Maths. Many of the staff focussed on the topic in their lessons exploring how we can think creatively about challenging patriarchy and “breaking the bias”, this year’s theme.


We continue to support our children in understanding what is happening in Ukraine. I have been impressed with their maturity and critical perspective in how they think and talk about the situation. I have also been inspired by their empathy and desire to help those in need. Some of the pupils have created a charity initiative to support the refugees fleeing from Ukraine (more information from them to follow). Thank you, too, to all of you parents who have reached out to me to offer whatever support is needed (more information also to follow). It is absolutely wonderful to be part of such a kind, caring and compassionate community.

Red Nose Day

This Friday 18th March is Red Nose Day and we are encouraging all of the children to wear something red and bring in £1 for charity. And to get into the spirit, I have included one of my favourite comic relief sketches for your entertainment (David Tennant and Catherine Tait in English class):


I very much look forward to welcoming many of you to the theatre on Wednesday evening to meet the rest of the leadership team and to outline the immediate next strategic steps for HCH.