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February Drama Showcase

Posted: 16th February 2022

Our February Drama Showcase was a great way to bring half-term to a close last week. Forty pupils participated over eighteen performances, hosted by our terrific Year 8 compères. During an intensive rehearsal schedule spanning two weeks, pupils were able to demonstrate and hone vital skills such as cooperation, responsibility, vocal warm ups and on-stage performance.

Organiser Jessica Blomefield commented:

The Drama Showcase was a lovely event and this is all thanks to the hard-working students at HCH. Rehearsals began in the first week of January and students used the month to perfect their individual scenes. There were a range of performances, some from drama lessons and others from my weekly drama club. I was most impressed with how diligently students rehearsed and all this preparation really paid off on the night. The performances were captivating and emotive reflecting the talent and determination that these students possess. I couldn’t be prouder of the performers, hosts and back-stage crew!

Comments from performers:


“I really enjoyed the experience! It was very fun to rehearse and watch all the performances. During the actual night of the performance I felt a massive rush of energy and excitement and gladly performed my scene with pride. I enjoyed it so much I felt upset when the night was over and I would definitely do it again next year.” 


“The Drama Showcase was a lot of fun and was extremely well orgnised by Jessica. I also had a great time with my friends and performing with my peers, thank you Jessica.”


“The Drama Showcase was amazing, I loved the excitement and fun of it. It was so cool playing a character that was so interesting. I was full of energy and the night of the performance was perfect! It was great hanging out with friends and other year groups, getting to know them etc. but most importantly the performance was so fun. Definitely doing it next year, I missed doing it after it was done. I loved the Drama Showcase.”