Steffi Carter

Position: Head of Academic Music

Steffi is a graduate from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts completing degrees in Music Education and the Creative Arts. Over the last 10 years she has spent time traveling around Europe and Asia and has been fortunate enough to have experience across schools in the Australian and British education system.

Throughout her studies, Steffi has been inspired by the Kodaly methodology an aural and kinaesthetic based approach to music education that teaches music in the order of a language – listening, doing, reading, writing. A draw to music education is not only the subject of music but the wellness creative subjects and singing inspires in students.

Steffi is passionate about wellbeing and the environment. She has completed trainings in Yoga, Ayurveda and menstrual cycle health. Being an Australian, she of course has a love for the ocean and surfing and enjoys spending her free time exploring in nature.