Jonah Chitolie

Position: Science Technician

I am delighted to be working at Hampton Court House as a part time Science Technician.

My philosophy in life has been “think differently, it might be a new experience” not quite Descartes but it has helped me look at things differently.

I enjoy research in microscopy techniques and have developed new ways of processing pollen from plant anthers, bee loads, honey and plankton from water. These techniques are simple quick and safe and can be carried out by anyone with an interest in natural sciences. My objective is to develop citizen science methods to monitor honey bee nutrition and water quality.

My main areas of research are in honey bee nutrition, breakdown of pollen by fungi, classification of honey, and developing natural medicines. I am a Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum and work with micro-paleontologists in the Earth Sciences Department.

I am also a beekeeper which I originally thought would be relaxing but has provided me with much scientific curiosity. I now believe we simply have very little understanding about how these insects survive and still manage to do what they do.