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Y13 pre-uni cooking course with HCH chef

As part of their preparations for going to university in September, Year 13 students spent an afternoon in a cookery session with HCH chef, Junior. They learnt how to debone a chicken, make an omelette (for some it was their first ever omelette) and for dessert they made vegan blueberry muffins.
Junior... took the students through creating a weekly shopping list and how to prepare and store food that will last them a week. The group discussed maximising your money at the supermarket and freezing foods safely. What a useful and engaging session for year 13 which will stand them in excellent stead for their university life in the autumn.

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Former HCH student delivers Cold War politics lesson to Year 12

On the last Monday of term we were delighted to welcome former HCH student, Ayman Triki, back to the school to deliver a fascinating lesson on Cold War politics to our Year 12 historians. Ayman has recently completed a degree in international relations at Royal Holloway and was keen to demonstrate how... his own A level studies helped to prepare him for university. The students, some of which were joining the lesson via Zoom, greatly appreciated the opportunity to hear from a recent graduate. Ayman’s depth of knowledge and understanding clearly impressed the class and has no doubt served to inspire them in their own academic pursuits. A huge thank you to Ayman for dropping by and giving us his time.

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End of term team building activities for HCH sixth form

After a busy period of A level and AS internal assessments, the Sixth Form ended the term by enjoying a variety of bonding activities. This included a fun-filled outing to Thorpe Park, where the students took delight in being hurled around in every direction at terrifying speeds. Determined not to be... outdone, the accompanying form tutors braved each of the major attractions, although later admitted that their favourite ride was the bus back to HCH!

During the following week our Sixth Formers spent an afternoon working together to complete a series of team building exercises. These included a challenge whereby teammates must guide a blindfolded individual along a pathway littered with obstacles that must be avoided. It was wonderful to see the students co-operating with such determination and good humour.

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The trial of Charles I…on Zoom

The Year 12 History curriculum covers the Stuart period as one of the A level modules and always culminates in 1649 and the trial and execution of Charles I. Head of History, Thomas Roberts would usually conduct a mock trial at school and thought, “there’s no reason not to attempt the same over Zoom”.... The fact that UK courts have resorted to conducting trials via Skype due to C19 made it seem especially fitting to do so. The lesson worked extremely well, mainly due to the fact that the students made the effort to come fully prepared, even dressing up for the occasion. It goes to show that when you have enthusiastic students there’s no reason why remote learning can’t be creative, interactive and fun.

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Years 10 to 13 enjoy an action-packed trip to Paris

Our GCSE and A level French students set off for Paris on Thursday to rediscover (or discover) the sights and cultural richness of the French capital. With their teachers and their guide, the students visited le musee du Louvre and of course ensured they saw the Mona Lisa along the way. The group took... a stroll around Monmatre and walked the 280 steps at the top of the Arc de Triomphe. As the brunt of Storm Ciara started to take hold, the students only made it as far as the second floor of the Eiffel Tower but then enjoyed a final treasure hunt around the Marais neighbourhood before taking the Eurostar home today. It has been a wonderful way for four year groups to come together and make new memories as well as inspire their GCSE and A level studies in French for the coming months and years.

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