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Looking back at ‘We’re All Different Now’ an HCH original ballet in March 2018

In March 2018 students from years 5 to 11 performed in a new, original ballet choreographed by Lauren Haith with an original score by Julian Stewart-Lindsay who was Composer in Residence for HCH at the time.

Lauren remembers; ‘Julian approached me initially to discuss the idea of creating an original... piece of work for the school. It was an extremely collaborative project, Julian created the narrative and set the tone for the piece and then I workshopped movement with the students. The choreography itself took inspiration from the beautiful words Julian wrote and the music and movement were adapted in parallel. I led a number of workshops giving the dancers different instructions and stimuli to lead their movement and the choreography evolved from their improvisations and reactions.

Roberto Manes also improvised a beautiful violin solo having watched some of the rehearsals and hearing some of Julian’s compositions.’

The piece was inspired by concepts of society, conformity, individuality, longing, oppression, beauty and hope. The company also explored ideas of light and dark both figuratively and literally and how a fleeting moment can shape a reaction. Having created a loose narrative the intention was for each participant and viewer to be able to take their own story and emotive response from the work.

Here is the recording of the ballet from March 2018:

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HCH Wellbeing Day 2020

As we draw this half term to a close we have hopefully given our students some lovely experiences and happy memories today to take with them into the two-week break. The students have spent some of the day off-timetable to enjoy a range of ‘feel-good’ physical and outdoor activities as part of HCH...

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Year 10 photogram experiments

As part of their investigation into the idea “Photography is the process of capturing light, a camera is not necessary” the Y10 GCSE Photographers have been experimenting with one of the earliest forms of photography, the photogram.
A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera. It involves... placing things on the surface of a light sensitive material and then exposing them to light.

The results are very striking, we think you will agree!

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Year 9 Art Immersion Day

All of year 9 were involved in our first Art Immersion Day on Wednesday 23rd September. The students were taken out of their normal timetable for the whole of the day to study the history and techniques of traditional Chinese Art, especially the art of the Tang and Song Dynasties. After a discussion... about the history, composition and themes in these paintings the students started learning about the brushwork techniques. The students spent a large part of the day in the grounds, making ink paintings of the garden with a particular focus on showing the diversity of plants and trees, using different dilutions of ink to create foreground and background. Beautiful work year 9 and what a wonderful, mindful way to spend the day.

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Year 9 Diana fountain maths activity

Year 9 have recently learned trigonometry and took that knowledge out to Bushy Park to calculate the height of Diana Fountain. Rule No. 1 was not to get wet, so we needed to find the circumference of the lake in order to get the radius. Using the radius of the lake, the angle of elevation and the tangent... ratio, the students calculated the height of the fountain. Solutions ranged from 15m (only slightly off) to heights that would put the Eiffel Tower to shame. Maths in the real world is not that easy after all.

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Year 9 student releases debut single with band ‘Elastic Parade’

Snow in Year 9 is a lead vocalist in the band, Elastic Parade, supported by a local not-for-profit bands project called PowerJam. Elastic Parade have recently released their debut single ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ and plan to release two further singles this summer!
All the bands involved in PowerJam... have worked tirelessly on rehearsals and polishing their performances even with the added challenges of a lockdown and school lessons on Zoom.

We are very proud of Snow’s hard work and creativity. You can listen to ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ here

Two further releases over the summer by Elastic Parade can also be found here
or by following: www.instagram.com/powerjam_band_project

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