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Year 11 trip to Bletchley Park

Year Eleven took advantage of their free time after their GCSE exams to visit Bletchley Park, the home of code breaking during the Second World War and arguably the site of some of the most important work done in the war effort. From learning about the origins and the composition of the Enigma Machine,... to celebrating the life and achievements of the great Alan Turing, there was lots to learn for them all!

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Annual Staff vs Student Chess Match

Players from across the school came together during Friday lunch time for the annual staff vs students chess match. For many of the student competitors the match was the culmination of weeks of practice as part of their weekly chess club. Sat in the afternoon sunshine, staff and students were clearly...

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Science week 2021: Day 2

We continued our festival of science with Year 9 dissecting sheep eyes and a huge ox heart in biology, and Year 6 discovering the hidden world of the very small with a microscope activity. The Big Science Quiz was completed by Year 8 and started by Year 12, and Year 3 made their Lava Lamps.

Year 5 continue... to lead in the photo competition, with additional chemistry-themed entries submitted to Thomas over the course of the day. All entries must be emailed to tjmw@hchnet.co.uk by the end of school on Friday.

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Science week 2021: Day 1

Today we began our annual celebration of science, technology, and engineering with half of year 7 and all of year 8 completing their coin plating chemistry activity and year 4 making beautiful lava lamps.

We launched a competition to produce a presentation on the challenges facing technology (deadline:... end of school on friday, entries to Neelu- nva@hchnet.co.uk )

Entries continued to come in for the science photography competition with Year 5 leading the way with some excellent photographs showcasing botany, metallurgy, and engineering. Further entries should be emailed to Thomas at tjmw@hchnet.co.uk by the end of school on Friday.

This afternoon, Years 1-4 had an outside assembly showcasing the power of chemistry with some dramatic demonstrations of how energy and gaseous products can be released rapidly during reactions. The assembly finished with an opportunity to meet one of the most beautiful and enigmatic creatures to live locally, the Barred Grass Snake (Natrix helvetica) – our specimen, “Gollum”, is a gorgeous 2-foot example with bright green sides and lots of personality!

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My HCH experience: Adrian Rainbow, incoming HCH Headmaster

I have been in HCH for two days this week and I have loved getting to know the children and the HCH staff better. I am now even more excited for September, which I didn’t think was possible prior to my visit.

I led my first assembly for middle and upper years pupils in the grounds of the school....

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Adrian Rainbow, incoming Headmaster at HCH, leads his first assembly

The beautiful HCH grounds in the morning sun was the perfect backdrop for the middle and upper years assembly. It was led, for the first time, by our incoming Headmaster, Dr Adrian Rainbow. Adrian raised the energy levels for the start of the school day by leading the students in the ‘Rainbow Haka’.... The Rainbow Haka is Adrian’s own interpretation of the traditional Maori Haka, often used by the New Zealand Rugby team. The students were focused, and followed Adrian’s instructions with energy and good humour. The end result was spectacular and certainly set the students on the ‘right foot’ for the rest of their school day!

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