Upper years


In Year 9, all pupils will attend a week-long outdoor learning camp, and after Easter they will move on to a GCSE transition curriculum, which will include preparation for their optional subjects, independent study and a variety of cross-curricular studies.

At the end of Year 9 those pupils who have achieved their FPQ, GCSE French, ESR programme and served as a HCH Pupil Leader will be awarded the Hampton Court House Challenge Certificate by the Headmaster.

In Years 10 and 11 – the GCSE years – the core subjects are English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science (separate sciences are available as an option). The options process is bespoke and personalised to ensure all pupils can achieve what is best suited to them.

There is a wide range of GCSE options to choose from. Most pupils will choose four optional subjects to add to the French GCSE already achieved in Year 9, with the option to take on an early and accelerated French A level (starting 2025).

In addition to GCSEs, HCH offers a varied programme of Physical Education; Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE); and our bespoke non-examined programme of Global Awareness and Service, incorporating Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE).

Furthermore, from Year 7 onwards, key information on a range of options such as degree apprenticeships is woven through the curriculum. Our higher education and careers advisor offers comprehensive guidance and tailored advice to each pupil, exposing them to the full range of post-16 opportunities in the education, training and employment spheres, while equipping them with the requisite employability skills so they graduate from Hampton Court House future-ready.

Download our GCSE Booklet and School Curriculum Guide here.