Y5 and Y6 Activities Day trip to Shakespeare’s Globe and Southbank

For Activities Day this year Year five and six spent the most wonderful day exploring both the contemporary culture of London’s Southbank and the sixteenth century history of Shakespeare’s Globe. We literally slid into the trip via Jeppe Hein’s colourful, playful ‘benches’ outside the Royal... Festival Hall! From here we stopped by the graffiti murals of the Southbank Centre’s iconic skatepark and watched some top-class street-skaters.

En route to the Globe we took the time to admire the London skyline view from Gabriel’s Wharf, the children pointing out ‘the gherkin’, ‘cheese grater’, ‘walkie-talkie’ and St Paul’s. For lunch we enjoyed a lovely picnic outside the front of The Tate Modern.

Arriving at The Globe Theatre to meet our guide, Tom, the children impressed him with their already vast knowledge of Shakespeare. Tom added to this with a whirlwind history of the theatre and its importance from 1599 to the present day! Inside we were lucky enough to see some of the actors warming up for that evening’s performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Inspired, we went behind scenes to the actor rehearsal rooms to workshop the play itself, as a group we focused on a key scene between Demetrius and Helena, testing out various dramatic methods of conveying the emotions of love and rejection. The scene between the pairs of ‘lovers’ became rather heated…we look forward to a replay of this during next week’s middle-years assembly…

Finally the day was aptly rounded off with a performance of a different kind, as we strolled back along the Thames, we gathered around to watch a trio of street parkour experts back-flipping…not to be tried at home!

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Years 7-12 Activities day trip to ‘Behind the Scenes’ at Twickenham Stadium

13 Students spent the day at Twickenham Stadium, where the activities started with games aimed at developing understanding of the different fitness requirements of the various positions: Speed – Endurance – Power – Agility and Strength. One game involved selecting animals and super heroes in what... might be their best positions, from which a formidable team comprising Spiderman at full-back; a bull, rhinoceros and grizzly bear in the front row; cheetahs on the wings and The Hulk at No. 8 emerged. Catching and passing would have been the main limiting factor, but they would have posed an intimidating physical challenge for their opponents.

A session with the Rugby Football Union’s Anti-Doping Manager was a role-play, with the students being treated as if they were academy players on an elite sport pathway. They learned what they should expect if they were subject to testing under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code. Their consensus was that it seemed intrusive, but necessary, in order to combat the scourge of drugs in sport and to ensure fair play. The session took place in the media room at the stadium, so the students had a light-hearted opportunity to role play being the head coach, answering questions about selection and tactics for an imaginary up-coming test match.

With the England team away in Japan for the Rugby World Cup, the students had a one-off opportunity to view the gym where England players train, rehabilitate after injury and warm-up before test matches. They took in a range of equipment, from hi-tech tools for measuring and facilitating recovery, through to Olympic weightlifting platforms and weight stacks.

The tour of the World Rugby museum at the end of the trip was the highlight for many of the students. They enjoyed the inter-active displays that gave them feedback on their prowess in the physical attributes needed to play rugby.

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Years 7-12 Activities day trip to the Natural History Museum

Year 7-12 students went to the Natural History Museum and were rocking the house. We took part in an interactive show which explained why there are earthquakes and volcanoes and got the chance to destroy an entire city, make a mountain and test a seismograph.There was also time enough to go through the museum and stand in a supermarket during an earthquake.

Reception class Activities Day 2019

For Activities Day the Reception children enjoyed travelling to Kingston by public bus and delighted in walking through the town looking at the rich and varied architecture. They loved making their own lunch at Pizza Express, learning about the ingredients needed to make a pizza and of course eating it! They made a more lesiurely return by boat, observing the beautiful houses and house boats along the river.

Y1 & Y2 Activities Day 2019

As part of Activities Day this year, Year 1 and 2 pupils visited the London Transport Museum. The children loved the interactive workshop led by an actor at the museum and learning how transportation has changed through the years. The pupils were able to explore the museum in a stamp collecting treasure hunt and the immersive transport themed play area provided a fun last stop before coming home on the coach!

HCH hosts UKMT primary maths challenge

Hampton Court House held its third annual Primary Mathematics Competition yesterday, following the rules of the UKMT Primary Team Challenge. Seven teams, with four year 6 students in each team, took part in a range of tasks and activities to accumulate points for their school throughout the day. The... tasks were designed to put the teams’ mathematics skills to the test but also encouraged the students to cooperate with one another in shuttle rounds and relays. The now renowned and fiendishly tricky crossnumber round proved to be a stumbling block for some, while other teams found the last round of the day, the team relay, to be the trickiest of all. The most important thing was that all the teams thoroughly enjoyed rising to the challenge and some friendly competition while also getting to make some new friends from other schools along the way.

Why not have a go at the crossnumber puzzle with your family and friends this weekend?

HCH Crossnumber 2019

Crossnumber Solution 2019

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Year 5 produce Lost Words artwork in co-curricular project

Our year 5 students have been working on a cross-curricular project between the Art and English departments to produce these beautiful words and images inspired by the prize winning book The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. Year 5 used gold paint to create iconic images which they combined... with their own words to evoke the spirit of the animal they chose to depict. Well done year 5, we think these are wonderful!

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