Excerpts from a short movie by students

Year 9 have been working with local Shark Conservation Charity “Bite Back” to produce a short animated film to promote understanding of why it is so important to save these incredible animals from the horrors of shark finning and other threats to their survival.

We were delighted to welcome the founder... of the charity, Graham Buckingham, in to school for our prize giving ceremony where he presented two of the students with a prize for outstanding contribution to the film. Their reward is the chance to dive with sharks at London Aquarium, an incredible experience to celebrate what has been a very rewarding collaboration.

The film is still in a rough cut but here are some excerpts.

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Francophone week

In the first week of May HCH hosted its first ‘Francophone Week’, celebrating the language and culture of the world’s many French-speaking countries.

Each classroom bore the flag of a country where French is (one of the) official languages, plus some economic and cultural information of that... country. Posters showing the distribution of French worldwide were also on display.

The week saw a succession of lunchtime assemblies run by teachers and their classes:

  • An introduction to the French-speaking world (Year 5)
  • A description and discussion of a Swiss animated film (Year 4)
  • A retelling of “Le petit Prince” by Saint Exupery (Years 8 & 9)
  • A special assembly presenting Francophone music with the year 4s that ended with some karaoke.

The Lower Years were also able to enjoy a number of workshops organised on two consecutive day in which they explored the cuisine of some Francophone countries, painted in the style of Magritte, wrote stories, and created posters for films that we might be showing soon at HCH.

The kitchen team also participated, kindly treating us to meals from Morocco, Belgium, French Guyana, and Canada.

The week gave all the children the opportunity to discover Francophone culture and see that it reaches well beyond France! We cannot wait until next year for more adventures!

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Y6 Terracotta Warriors

The Y6 students have excelled themselves in Art this term with this sculpture project. Taking inspiration from Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, which they have also been learning about in their Mandarin classes, they have produced some beautifully observed and delicately executed clay heads. Fantastic work Y6!

The art of infographics

The Y7 students have been working hard in Art this term to complete an illustrated booklet inspired by the migratory routes of various British birds. The terrain that the birds fly over is depicted from an aerial view point in a variety of techniques giving a rich and beautiful result. Well done Y7s!

Guernica – premiere at Walthamstow International Film Festival

Our short film “Guernica” had it’s premiere at Walthamstow international film festival on Saturday. It was well received by the audience with a healthy round of applause and looked great on the big screen.

The photographs are of one of our animators, Sammy, and I being interviewed for the e17filmfest Instagram feed.

We have our fingers crossed that it will be accepted into another competition soon.

Watch this space!

Reception – The ducklings have arrived !

Reception are please to announce the successful hatching of two beautiful ducklings. We are waiting patiently for the remaining eggs to hatch, hopefully in the next day or so.