Reception class don’t let the clouds rain on their parade!

The sudden downpour didn’t stop Recetion class donning their coats and wellington boots for their walk through the grounds. They found several tempting puddles along the way to splash and jump in and explored the ice-house and shell grotto which form part of the stunning 18th century architecture.
Meanwhile,... in Forest School, the children are growing their own beans which are hanging on the side of the greenhouse to keep them safe from the rabbits who live in the school grounds. Reception class are excited to see the beans are starting to sprout!

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Year 7 Computer Science students create their own e-safety webpages

This year our year 7 students have been learning a lot about the internet and web and how to stay safe online. They’ve decided to share their knowledge of e-safety with the rest of our HCH community.
During this time of lockdown it has been more important than ever for the HCH community to be mindful... of the time being spend online and infront of a screen. The work Year 7 have completed covers a range of topics including identity theft, the use of cookies, GDPR and creating a digital footprint.

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Year 1 launch their first book in French

This year, the Year 1 children have been working on a project to create their very own first book in French. The story called ‘Le voyage fantastique des Year 1’ is about a group of Year 1 children who want to travel the world and discover different countries using a magic red bus. They put into practice... their French speaking and writing skills when inventing the story, and got the chance to record themselves speaking French when making an audio version of their book. The project combines cross-curricular subjects, including French, Art, Life Skills and Geography.

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Reception class make water bowls for the birds

Despite the turn in the weather, Reception class have enjoyed their forest school lessons and have made some beautiful clay pinch pots which the variety of birds who live in the grounds can use as water bowls.
Since returning to school on 1st June all the Early Years pupils have enjoyed sport and forest... school lessons every day.

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Welcome back Nursery, Reception and Year 1

We were delighted to be able to reopen yesterday for some children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. 35 children have come back to school and they are enjoying the amazing grounds and summer sun with forest school and sport every day, maths, French and English in their new classrooms which include plenty... of space for them to work and play, as well as picnic lunches!

Life at HCH over the next few weeks will be different from before the lockdown. The timetable has been re-thought, in line with the government guidance, to ensure the pupils and staff are as safe as possible. Groups of children have been kept small and we will ensure those groups do not mix. The mixing of staff between these groups will be kept to a minimum.

It has been a pleasure to see the children so thrilled to come back to school each morning. As you can see from the photos they are really enoying having their lessons outside and reconnecting with friends and teachers.

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Ready… Steady… Bake!…In Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about measurements and revised units of lengths, weight and capacity. Cooking is a wonderful way to get children weighing and measuring practically and reading scales carefully. The children can experience metric/imperial measures in recipe books and practise scaling by multiplying... or dividing to create, e.g. double or half the amount in the recipe. Another fun activity is making ‘mocktails’ with different-coloured squashes or juice – challenge your child to create a recipe that actually tastes good. This is what some of the Year 4 children have been trying at home and Rupert baked a banana bread using his maths skills. Thank you for the pictures Rupert! We hoped you and your family enjoyed your fantastic baking!

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