Year 8 visit to The Imperial War Museum

This term the Art and English departments have been working on a cross-curricular project with Year 8 which focuses on bringing history to life. The work is inspired by one of this term’s set texts, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and the Pullitzer Prize winning graphic novel ‘MAUS’ by Art... Speigelman.

To deepen their knowledge of how art can complement an understanding of history Year 8 visited the Imperial War Museum where they explored themes of trench warfare in World War One, the V weapons in World War Two and the more technologically sophisticated operations during the Cold War and conflict in the Middle East. The pupils used the exhibits as a stimulus to make connections between the impact and civilian experience of war, challenge their existing understanding and frame their thoughts about reflections of war in literature and art.

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The Woodland Trust Tree Planting Project

A copse pack had been donated to the school by The Woodland Trust and children from the Lower Years, Upper Years and Sixth Form were grouped so that one younger child worked with one older child on the project. It was a joy to watch pupils who would not normally have lessons together work so enthusiastically... and with such mutual respect for one another.The pupils gathered spades, trowels and gloves and moved to the back field where they proceeded to dig holes (taking extra care not to injure any earthworms) and plant Silver Birch, Rowan and Wild Cherry trees. Once back inside the Mall Hall, the older pupils helped the younger pupils produce posters about the tree planting and some of the new things they had learned as part of the project, such as how to protect a sapling tree from rabbits and squirrels.

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Year 7 create beautiful pH rainbows in Chemistry

Year 7 have started their project on acids by using solutions of different densities to make pH rainbow columns. These span the range from an acidic pH of about 2 at the top, to a moderately alkaline pH of about 11 at the bottom. Special mention must go to Zacharie for having the most clearly defined rainbow, second from the left in the image.

Year 3 Tate Museum Project

The Year 3 students at Hampton Court House have been lucky enough to take part in a large collaborative art installation. Steve McQueen, Oscar winning film director, together with Tate, Artangel and A New Direction, are working to photograph every Year 3 primary school class across the whole of London....

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Tower of London Trip – 22 November 2018 Year 7 & Year 8

How did John Gerard escape from the Salt Tower using just a feather and an orange? Is there really a talking giant’s skull underneath the tower’s foundations? What did Anne Boleyn say to her decapitator? Which wild and exotic animals were kept in the Tower for 600 years? These were just a few questions...

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Bay of Naples Trip – 2018

The Bay of Naples Trip 2018 was a rip-roaring success combining culture, classics and geography with good humour, enjoyment and a liberal sprinkling of kindness and fortitude in adversity.

The Year 9, 10, 11 & 12 students spent six days and five nights in the beautiful setting of the Sorrentine peninsula.... The distinctly un-Italian weather that Italy experienced last week led to air and sea turbulence and attraction closures. Herculaneum, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Napoli and Capri were all on the itinerary. The students also completed a treasure hunt around Sorrento, learnt about organic farming methods at a collective farm, and made pizzas from scratch. They will be producing a video log (vlog) for next Wednesday’s lunchtime assembly.

A huge thanks to to Katie Hager-Conroy, Tom Clery and Caroline Géhin for everything that they did to make the trip work.

Please do all click on @HCHTrips to see the Twitter feed.

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