Year 6 students attend debating festival

On Wednesday, three of our Year 6 students – Elena, Vali and Rupert – attended the inaugural Dukes Education Debating Festival. We experienced fantastic workshops with Noisy Classroom, who trained the children brilliantly in public speaking and debate, before a knockout competition in the afternoon.... The children were all near-novices at the start of the day, but nonetheless scored an incredible 73 points out of 100 in their debate, ‘This house would ban zoos’. Not only that, but Rupert won three medals, awarded for exceptional performance and participation by the various teachers and facilitators. Well done, all – and here’s to winning next year!

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Sixth form trip to Liquid Leisure Aqua Park

The sixth form had a fun packed team building experience at liquid leisure. They ‘dived in’ and completed some challenging tasks on the aqua jungle and raced through the aqua park slides and tunnels. This was followed by the banana boat that had the students’ adrenaline pumping as they held on... to avoid falling into the water.

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Year 10 GCSE Photography- creative use of light

Our Y10 GCSE photographers have been flexing their creative muscles this week and challenging themselves to produce a beautifully exposed low light image of some dramatically lit lilies.
This shot was taken by Coco who only joined our course last week – excellent work!

Thane, Y11’s blog- 3Dami computer science portfolio

Last year, the computer science department invited Y10 to participate in an animation design competition.
Thane, Y11 built an impressive portfolio of animations. He sent it to 3Dami which was recruiting 30 students across the whole of England to run a virtual summer study workshop. The workshop aimed... to create a 3D film from scratch in just 10 days. Thane’s portfolio was accepted:

Over the summer holiday I attended a 2 week 3D animation course over Microsoft Teams (usually it’s a residential in London , however the COVID-19 pandemic prevented that from happening). 3D Ami is a free, not for profit organization that promotes 3D animation to pre-university students. It is funded by universities, studios and creatives.
The course itself covers many aspects of the industry, where students work in teams and organise themselves (Producer, Director ,etc…). We went through the phases of scriptwriting, concept art, storyboards, modelling and animation in order to create our final film.
Whilst we worked, we were supervised and aided by industry professionals. Chloe, who was the leader working with our group comes from the video game and film industry, having worked on titles such as Battlefield 5.
It was an immensely fun and rewarding course and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the industry.

Check out the animation I worked on here :

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Activities Day 2021, in photos

Another successful Activities Day comes to an end! Each year group from Daycare to Year 13 took part in an off-site activity today. Daycare donned their wet weather gear to go and feed the ducks in Bushy Park. The Early years and Year 1 took a coach to Bocketts Farm where they learned about different...

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Camp HCH 2021

Camp HCH was back with a bang on Friday as close to 200 students from years 5 to 13 stayed overnight in the grounds of the school. Students pitched tents with the help of their parents before saying goodbye and making their way to a range of activities including football, arts and collages, Zen in a...

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Finding ‘Granny’s’ books on the shelves in your new school!

On your very first day in your new school you may expect one or two surprises, but for one of our young students the discovery was that a series of novels, written by their own grandmother, were sat proudly on the shelves of our CNED classroom!
Evelyne Brisou-Pellen has been an author since the early... 80’s. She started writing as she felt something was missing from the stories she was reading to her own children, and wanted stories to also be a way to discover a period in history and learn while reading. Evelyne’s novels are typically set in a documented historical context (she is passionate about history and her house is covered in books! She typically reads as much as she writes) and are targeted at pre-teens/teens, although some novels and books are accessible from a younger age, and many adults also read them. Writing her first major book in the mid 80’s and winning a major literary prize gave her the confidence to make this her career.

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