Middle and Upper Years pupils celebrate Mardi Gras at a fun-filled carnival

The Middle and Upper years pupils celebrated the Carnival in style on Tuesday 5th March.
In a beautifully decorated conservatory the children enjoyed pancakes, hotdogs, pizzas and mocktails. They could also make memories by having their photograph taken in the colourful photo-booth.
After warming-up... with a salsa dancing workshop in the theatre, the highlight of the evening was the announcement of the costume competition winners with categories for both staff and pupils.

The FRIENDS would like to thank all the parents and teachers who helped to make this carnival a memorable moment for everyone in our school community.
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Y1 and Y3 Illustration Workshops

Marianne Barcilon, a famous french illustrator who has illustrated almost one hundred books for children, came to school to work with Y1 and Y3. The children took part in some fun and interactive workshops, during which the illustrator explained how to make a book, showed the pupils some drawing boards and some of her own books, and explained the importance of her role. She has also helped the children to draw emotions based on the characters in her own books.

Y13 Attend ‘Physics in Action’ at Emmanuel Centre

Year 13 physicists took a trip to the Emmanuel centre in Westminster last week to hear talks from five brilliant UK physicists.

The lectures were entertaining, wide ranging and thought provoking. The speakers, all research scientists at leading UK institutions, gave some insight into applications of... physics to addressing some of the big questions facing us today:

-How can we improve cancer treatment so that it has fewer side effects?
-How do we fuel the energy needs of an ever-growing population?
-How good is science at predicting the future?

The speakers encouraged students to consider why the arrow of time only points forwards and why even a system as apparently simple as a double pendulum is basically too chaotic to predict accurately.

The language of the talks was technical and really stretched the students beyond the A level but they were able to get a lot from the day, and made full use of their front row seats to ask lots of questions.

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Early Years Pupils Celebrate World Book Day

Pupils in Pre-Nursery to Year 1 enjoyed dressing up as characters from their favourite book to celebrate World Book Day. The children presented their book recommendations during their English lessons and were read new stories by their teachers.

Y11 watch ‘A View From the Bridge’ at The National Theatre Archives

A View From the Bridge Review

By Asimina Y11

A trip to the National Theatre Archives (Waterloo) granted year 11 a screening of ‘A View From the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller; a raw, bare performance magnifying the gripping tale of justice, honour and conflict. As opposed to setting the play in the ragged... Brooklyn tenement, Ivo Van Hove – the renowned director, chose to project the uneasy yet intriguing story by stripping the stage of distractions and adding discreet allusions and symbols to each character’s intentions and emotions. There was also an unnerving final scene where all the characters were drenched in a shower of blood. The trip certainly proved memorable, and will aid each in visualising the play with special focus on the themes and characters – it ismespecially useful that the National Theatre Archive holds a recording of each performance, as it provides such an excellent opportunity for the students to see this tragedy unfold.

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Lower Years and Sixth Form Pupils Learn How to Make a Book

Pupils in Year 1 are currently working on a project called ‘How to make a book’, they will have the opportunity to discover the different steps involved in making a book. To help with the project the children have taken part in writing workshops led by a number of older students, including our Sixth... Form, who are helping the Y1 pupils to write their own story in French. Year 4 pupils have already spent time reading French stories with Year 1 in preparation for the writing workshops.

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