Y12 student invited to Cambridge university to present her science essay

Miranda in year 12 spent a large part of her summer researching and writing an essay for the Gonville & Caius, Cambridge ‘Caius Explore’ programme. Miranda’s submission for ‘How will quantum technology have changed our world by 2100’ was chosen as one of the best within the programme.

Yestrday,... Miranda spent the day at the college to attend an open day. She had a tour of the college and a celebratory lunch with directors of studies and fellows in hall. What a memorable experience and a great way to start Miranda’s A level studies.

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Garden games and board games club

What better way to finish the school day than with a round of “Viking Chess”, also known as Kubb?! Well, there are quite a few options still to explore and students from Year 2-4 will do so over the upcoming weeks.

HCH welcomes Bob Wigley- author of ‘Born Digital’

On Tuesday evening the HCH community welcomed renowned author Bob Wigley to discuss the prevalent topic of screen time and social media.
Bob is former EMEA Chairman of Merrill Lynch and was a member of the board of the Bank of England during the 2008 financial crisis.
Bob also sits on the UK’s Economic... Crime Strategic Board which is Co-Chaired by the Chancellor and the Home Secretary.

Bob’s captivating book; Born Digital: The story of a distracted generation, delves into the impact technology has on ‘gen Z’ those young people for whom technology is a continuum of their day to day relationships and interactions, the so called ‘digital natives’ in society.

Bob spoke of the alarming statistics and research into technology and screen time and its relationship with poor sleep quality, lack of community and lack of empathy as well as the more ‘obvious’ threats to the safety and wellbeing of young people in our community. The enagaging talk was followed by a Q&A, skillfully moderated by HCH Headmaster, Adrian Rainbow.

We encourage our community to read Born Digital as we continue the dicsussion about devices, technology and screen time, in and out of school.

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Get ready for the Times Tables Challenge 2021

The maths department always starts the Autumn Term with a big push on learning/practising times tables. The children practise in class, have a competition to find the fastest three to represent their year group and then try to get into the final on Wednesday 13th October.
Learning times tables is a brilliant... way of helping children advance their maths, and a secure knowledge will make a huge difference.

There are various apps, games and worksheets one can use to practise, but it can be quite simple as well. We are using a 100 tasks sheet. Children seeing teachers and parents practise is a powerful motivational tool. So why not challenge each other? Who can be fastest?
Each mistake adds 10 seconds to the score. The school’s record is 1 minute and 21 seconds (October 2016).
If you want to give it a go at home, below is our 100 tasks sheet, which randomly creates different tasks every time you open it.
Join the fun!

times tables 100 tasks

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Upcoming London exhibition featuring HCH art teacher

‘Within Without’ is an exhibition of recent paintings by Rachel Mercer, one of our art teachers, and fellow painter Tara Versey. The exhibition will be open from Monday 13th September at The Crypt Gallery beneath St Pancras Church in central London. Rachel is exhibiting approximately 7 paintings... and a handful of drawings.

On Saturday 18th September there is an evening event featuring two electronic soundscapes performed live, one by Iranian sound artist Pouya Ehsaei and the other by sonic composer John Mercer. There will be spoken-word by two writers; former HCH English teacher, Emma Silverthorn and the lyrical poet, Jessica St James.

Rachel and Tara are alumni of the Royal Drawing School where they studied the figure in depth. The exhibition’s paintings explore the interaction between figures and the spaces they inhabit, searching for what this reveals about inner and outer experience.

The exhibition removes the paintings from conventional white gallery walls and onto the dark, sombre brick of the Crypt beneath St Pancras Church. In this subterranean labyrinthine space the paintings are secluded from the outside world, with the traffic and hubbub of Euston Road audible but seemingly distant. The works that hang in spaces reserved for the dead, promote a reflection on life. What it is to be alive is the primary concern for both artists resulting in emotional, sometimes disquieting imagery.

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The first day of term. Back together again!

It has been a fantastic first day of term at HCH as students and staff enjoyed coming together in the beautiful weather, getting to know new friends and colleagues and starting in new year groups. Our early years children had story time in the school grounds. Middle years and lower years have enjoyed...

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Y13 pre-uni cooking course with HCH chef

As part of their preparations for going to university in September, Year 13 students spent an afternoon in a cookery session with HCH chef, Junior. They learnt how to debone a chicken, make an omelette (for some it was their first ever omelette) and for dessert they made vegan blueberry muffins.
Junior... took the students through creating a weekly shopping list and how to prepare and store food that will last them a week. The group discussed maximising your money at the supermarket and freezing foods safely. What a useful and engaging session for year 13 which will stand them in excellent stead for their university life in the autumn.

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