Y9 research visit to The London Aquarium

Our Y9 students are working with the charity Bite Back, founded by local hero Graham Buckingham, to produce a film to promote the growing need for shark conservation. Estimates indicate that 73 million sharks are killed every year, many just for their fins.

We had a very productive day at the London... Aquarium, interviewing the public about their perception of sharks, collecting footage and making our own primary source drawings. The highlight of the day was meeting a shark expert, Andre, who shared his love of these awesome apex predators, followed by the amazing sight of the tiger sharks being fed.

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Y6 Probability

The best way to learn which suits are in a standard deck of cards.

Y3 Study 2D and 3D Shapes

After studying 2D and 3D shapes, Y3 showed their creativity by building them with tooth picks and marshmallows.

Year 9 Mosaic Project

Inspired by patterns in science and nature, our Year 9 students have spent the last few weeks taking their colour knowledge and applying it in their designs for mosaic motifs.
They took into consideration, not just the refining of their chosen design to suit the limitations of mosaic, but also what colour... combinations could show their motif to it’s best advantage. The final mosaic planters will be placed in the new garden outside our Science block.

This project was funded by our wonderful parents association, the Friends of Hampton Court House.

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The Solar System

Year 1 children have been studying the solar system. They have enjoyed making planets and asteroids.