Headmaster’s daily lockdown assemblies are launched as podcasts

HCH was not going to let lockdown stand in the way of the usual daily, inspirational assemblies led by Headmaster Guy Holloway. Now the 53 episodes are available as podcasts on all major platforms.

The assemblies cover a range of topics from sexism in language, the potential for a COVID-19 vaccine and... the danger of using the term ‘I’m bored.’ The assemblies grew in popularity from their initial launch in March 2020 with links to each assembly receiving huge engagement on social media and reaching audiences far beyond the immediate school community.

Headmaster Guy Holloway said, ‘The assemblies were certainly not about me telling people something or lecturing. Instead, I wanted them to be an opportunity for families to discuss these topics at the breakfast table and in their interactions with friends and colleagues throughout the day. They were a chance for us a to create a lockdown diary, capturing a moment in time.’

The podcasts are now an opportunity for the assemblies to reach a global audience and take on new meaning beyond the lockdown.

For more information go to Spotify or Google Podcasts

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Year 2 perform in their own online concert

Not being at the school did not prevent the Year 2 children from having their own Summer Concert today. They demonstrated their musical skills on Zoom in front of their Form Tutor and their music teacher. The children played instruments and sang songs one by one at home. They ended the concert singing... their song from last year’s Christmas Concert “12 Days of Christmas” together again. It was a beautiful and unique concert they will all remember as they prepare to start Year 3 in the autumn.

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Year 8 Computer Scientists create their own apps

Year 8 have been learning how to create their own apps as part of their online computer science lessons this term. The range of apps they have created include a virtual holiday app, a catching game and a colour knowledge test!
Click here to have a go on some of their newly created apps.

Year 9 student releases debut single with band ‘Elastic Parade’

Snow in Year 9 is a lead vocalist in the band, Elastic Parade, supported by a local not-for-profit bands project called PowerJam. Elastic Parade have recently released their debut single ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ and plan to release two further singles this summer!
All the bands involved in PowerJam... have worked tirelessly on rehearsals and polishing their performances even with the added challenges of a lockdown and school lessons on Zoom.

We are very proud of Snow’s hard work and creativity. You can listen to ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ here

Two further releases over the summer by Elastic Parade can also be found here
or by following:

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Year 4 write their own stories in French

Every Friday, the Year 4 children spoke in French only during their lesson and used their imagination to invent a story together. They have kept this tradition going during their Zoom lessons this term. The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own adventures and coming together to collaborate... on their stories, even when lockdown has prevented them from seeing each other in person.

We hope you enjoy reading these wonderful examples from Jackson, Maksym and Rupert:

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Rêveries 2020-A book of poetry from CNED students in Years 2 to 11

From Year 2 to Year 11, our young French-speaking poets wrote on a range of themes in this edition of Rêveries, letting their minds wander (and sometimes condemn) at will. During these unprecedented times spent in lockdown, poetry has been more than ever a way to travel far away, beyond the walls of... our homes. Enjoy!

De Year 2 à Year 11, nos jeunes poètes francophones ont écrit sur un large panel de thèmes dans cette édition des Rêveries, laissant leurs esprits flâner (et parfois s’engager) à leur guise. Au cours de cette période sans précédent, la poésie aura été plus que jamais un moyen de voyager loin, très loin, bien au delà des murs de chez nous. Bonne lecture !


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Year 6 create their own French comics

During their French lessons, the students have enjoyed discovering some of the most famous French-speaking comic books like Tintin, Boule et Bill, Gaston, Astérix et Obélix. They found out where the first comics originated and how to create one from scratch. They developed their very own comics using... a storyline, characters, onomatopoeia and a punchline. Here are some of the soon-to-be-famous French comics: “L’anniversaire”, “L’arrestation”, “Devenir chevalier”, “Le pouvoir du skateboard”.

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