The trial of Charles I…on Zoom

The Year 12 History curriculum covers the Stuart period as one of the A level modules and always culminates in 1649 and the trial and execution of Charles I. Head of History, Thomas Roberts would usually conduct a mock trial at school and thought, “there’s no reason not to attempt the same over Zoom”.... The fact that UK courts have resorted to conducting trials via Skype due to C19 made it seem especially fitting to do so. The lesson worked extremely well, mainly due to the fact that the students made the effort to come fully prepared, even dressing up for the occasion. It goes to show that when you have enthusiastic students there’s no reason why remote learning can’t be creative, interactive and fun.

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‘A New Normal’ an original rap by George in Y7.

George in Year 7 is taking part in the Rose Theatre Endure project, where children were asked to write a monologue entitled “A New Normal”. George has used the stimulus to write an original, funny and beautifully honest rap about his time in the lockdown:

To my friends
... Lets talk about whats happening,

Without being too formal,
This new reality around us – is it a new normal?
I really do not like it – its restrictions and norms –
It causes frustration, rejection and rebellion of all forms!

You can’t go out , play games and hang out
No handshakes, embraces, kisses or messing around –
Sanitise, disinfect, sterilise and distance yourself
From friends, neighbours, town people and country elves,
Goblins , pirates and fellow teens – as all of them could be carriers of Covid 19!
Sounds like madness? Yes, you are right!
But we all have a choice – people rejoice,- and lets join the fight!
Staying at home is all we can do : I accept it, I get it
And hope you too. But….
Being stuck in the house feels totally pathetic,
Makes you feel useless, sulky and sometimes frenetic .
I can’t concentrate, read or write properly
I feel sleepy, slothy and quite often disorderly –
Neither can I jump with Joe Wicks every morning,
He is doing a great job, but sometimes I just find it boring.
Adult “ friends” will tell you to frame yourself and do your best-
Conversations help: even on zoom , face time or anywhere else.
I am really lucky to have “ meaningful relationship “ with my parents,
Some teachers, my dog Matilda – but , most importantly,
I cherish my friendships!
Old or new normal, with face masks or without ,
I am so lucky to have my friends , in and out!

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Y6 pupil uses time in lockdown to create allergy-free recipe blog

Khalil in Year 6 has always been a school champion of allergy awareness and ensuring that HCH is an inclusive and ‘allergy-friendly’ place to be. He is also a brilliant cook and baker. We are delighted that Khalil has been using his time since the national lockdown last month to create some amazing... recipes on his blog

KScooks. Khalil has tried out lots of his new ideas on his parents and two younger siblings who also attend HCH. Well done Khalil. We can’t wait to try some of these when we are all reunited at school!
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HCH Musician in Residence Writes ‘The Times new track of the week’

HCH Musician in Residence, Kieran Brunt has written a haunting and beautiful choral song entitled ‘Inside I’ll sing’. Having written the piece in the first few days of the national lockdown, Kieran asked a network of artists from all over the world to record vocals at home and send them to him.... Vocal artists including Joe from

Alt-J, Jonathan from the band Mercury Rev and composers Nico Muhly and Anna Meredith all submitted their vocal tracks which Kieran mixed from his own home before sending the track to Berlin to be mastered remotely.
The song has been named in The Times ‘best new tracks of the week’
All proceeds from streaming and sales of the track will be donated to Help Musicians UK. Further donations can be made through the Help Musicians website

Watch the music video of Inside I’ll Sing.

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HCH Community Pride Day- The photographs!

Thank you to all of you who took part in yesterday’s HCH Community Pride Day by wearing your pink and black school colours. This celebrates how we are all still together as a community despite the distance between us. See if you can spot any familiar faces in the gallery below!

The HCH Daily Doodle!

The fantastic HCH art department have been hard at work putting together a series of daily doodle challenges for families to complete together during this period of self-isolation and school closure. Why not have a go at today’s daily doodle with your family this evening? We will post a new one every...

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