Y1 Humanities Project

Children in Year 1 did a humanities project looking at objects from the past including telephones and clothes.

They then compared past objects which ones we use nowadays, considering their evolution and transformation.

Poetry Games with Y2 & Y3

Last week Y2 and Y3 CNED pupils learned to write some ‘anagrammes’ and ‘acrostiches’ with their names.

Gamelan Workshop

The Lower Years children took part in a ‘gamelan’ – an Indonesian musical ensemble made up of mainly percussion instruments. Children engaged in the group performance and enjoyed learning about Indonesian culture and musical traditions.

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

A selection of students from Y9 and 10 were taking part in the UKMT Intermediate Challenge yesterday morning. 25 multiple choice questions in one hour, easy! Right? Who doesn’t know how many three-digit numbers are increased by 99 when their digits are reversed.