Y2 Learn about Plastic in our Environment

...Year 2 recently completed a comprehension about plastic in our environment. It sparked many debates about the issue and this in turn led to a pupil-led project idea. Pupils asked if they could collect used plastic packaging and recycle it into a useful item or something that would benefit the environment.

Lilou created a turtle collage to visually show how these gentle creatures are being harmed by plastic, Rupert built a water filter and Luke made a two-storey house for snails that he would fill with leaves.

Other creations included toy rockets, handbags and a puzzle which also transformed into a musical instrument!

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Y1 Children Learn about Good Hygiene Habits

The children in Year 1 learned about the importance of having good hygiene habits. They learned how to properly brush and clean their teeth, and they enjoyed using a giant toothbrush and the model of a funny mouth.

Year 1 Gardening Trip to Hampton Court Palace

Children of Year 1 enjoyed an outdoor session in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace. They learned more about plants and vegetables: how the gardens change according to the seasons, where the plants come from and how the gardeners look after them. They also had the opportunity to taste different vegetables.