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Year 7 interview HCH Composer in Residence- Kieran Brunt

For their assembly on the theme of Music, some of our Y7 students interviewed composer in residence and ‘friend of the school’, Kieran Brunt. A nationally and internationally recognised recording artist and producer, Kieran is involved in both choral music and electronica. The students agreed on... four questions to ask him, which formed the basis of the assembly. At the end is a performance of a piece that Kieran wrote during lockdown which speaks to the experience of musicians and performers who were robbed of their ability to work due to the Covid restrictions.

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Nathaniel in Y8 releases a music video

A music video by Nathaniel, Y8, has been released on the Clark album

The record was released by the legendary Deutsche Grammophon label, and his tracks have already had hundreds of thousands of listens on Spotify. Well done Nathaniel!

Y6 Celebrate the Chinese New Year

The Y6 students have been reimagining their recycling as animal masks for Chinese New Year celebrations. Before starting to design their masks, the children researched the traditional characteristics which are attributed to each of the zodiac animals, then they each chose the animal that they felt most... represented them. To decide on the colour palette for their mask, the students looked back at the colours used in medieval Heraldry to learn about the significance of certain colours, and at a wide range of masks through the ages from Pre-Columbian to modern masks from around the world.


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Middle Years Enrichment Afternoon 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Middle Years students took part in activities and challenges that were different from their usual everyday lessons. The afternoon comprised a social challenge, a creative challenge and a physical one. We were delighted by how well the students engaged in these activities.... They baked, exercised, played music, and best of all they reached out to someone in their community whom they identified as being lonely during lockdown or who deserved a thank you.

Sophia, in Year 5, baked cookies for her elderly neighbour and brought them to her. She also wrote “Be Happy Like a Puppy” using calligraphy for her creative challenge.

Khalil, in Year 7, made a beautiful card and wrote a letter to his neighbour who lives opposite him, and who is on her own.

Alexander, in Year 7, also made a card and brought some flowers to his neighbour who lives alone.

Ulani, in Year 7, made a card and cookies for the concierge who has always been helpful and kind to her family.

Thank you to all the Middle Years students for their hard work, and their parents and form tutors who made this possible: giving the students a chance to have a productive break in their busy Zoom routine and time away from their screens.

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Middle and Upper Years Survival Skills Day 2020

The students in year 7 to year 11 had a wonderful day learning about a range of survival skills in the beautiful grounds of HCH. They tested their trust and their communication skills by guiding blindfolded partners around a treacherous forest path. The first attempt for Year 7 ended in a cacophony of...

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Middle Years computer science students use Scratch and Python to create their own music concert and stories

Despite having only been studying the computer science curriculum for a term, the Year 5 students are demonstrating a keen understanding and enthusiasm for their new found skills in Scratch. They used Scratch this week to make their own virtual, musical concert. They changed the background, added instruments... and a singer and even enabled the drums to play different beats and the singer’s voice to have different harmonies.

In Year 8 computer scicence, the students have been learning how Python programming language can be used to create all kinds of software and websites. In this particular series of lessons this week the students have been using Python to create their own interactive stories.

The work being produced by our middle years computer scientists is of a fantastic standard, here are some examples of their work:

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Looking back at ‘We’re All Different Now’ an HCH original ballet in March 2018

In March 2018 students from years 5 to 11 performed in a new, original ballet choreographed by Lauren Haith with an original score by Julian Stewart-Lindsay who was Composer in Residence for HCH at the time.

Lauren remembers; ‘Julian approached me initially to discuss the idea of creating an original... piece of work for the school. It was an extremely collaborative project, Julian created the narrative and set the tone for the piece and then I workshopped movement with the students. The choreography itself took inspiration from the beautiful words Julian wrote and the music and movement were adapted in parallel. I led a number of workshops giving the dancers different instructions and stimuli to lead their movement and the choreography evolved from their improvisations and reactions.

Roberto Manes also improvised a beautiful violin solo having watched some of the rehearsals and hearing some of Julian’s compositions.’

The piece was inspired by concepts of society, conformity, individuality, longing, oppression, beauty and hope. The company also explored ideas of light and dark both figuratively and literally and how a fleeting moment can shape a reaction. Having created a loose narrative the intention was for each participant and viewer to be able to take their own story and emotive response from the work.

Here is the recording of the ballet from March 2018:

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