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Looking back at ‘We’re All Different Now’ an HCH original ballet in March 2018

In March 2018 students from years 5 to 11 performed in a new, original ballet choreographed by Lauren Haith with an original score by Julian Stewart-Lindsay who was Composer in Residence for HCH at the time.

Lauren remembers; ‘Julian approached me initially to discuss the idea of creating an original... piece of work for the school. It was an extremely collaborative project, Julian created the narrative and set the tone for the piece and then I workshopped movement with the students. The choreography itself took inspiration from the beautiful words Julian wrote and the music and movement were adapted in parallel. I led a number of workshops giving the dancers different instructions and stimuli to lead their movement and the choreography evolved from their improvisations and reactions.

Roberto Manes also improvised a beautiful violin solo having watched some of the rehearsals and hearing some of Julian’s compositions.’

The piece was inspired by concepts of society, conformity, individuality, longing, oppression, beauty and hope. The company also explored ideas of light and dark both figuratively and literally and how a fleeting moment can shape a reaction. Having created a loose narrative the intention was for each participant and viewer to be able to take their own story and emotive response from the work.

Here is the recording of the ballet from March 2018:

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HCH Wellbeing Day 2020

As we draw this half term to a close we have hopefully given our students some lovely experiences and happy memories today to take with them into the two-week break. The students have spent some of the day off-timetable to enjoy a range of ‘feel-good’ physical and outdoor activities as part of HCH...

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Y6 CNED group create their own Dada poems

Y6 CNED (Alice, Lili and Zoe) have had a go to write their own Dada poem by following the instructions of the French-Romanian poet Tristan Tzara. They cut some words in a newspaper, mixed them up and randomly picked them out and stuck them in on a piece of paper without changing anything. They created... some unique and inspiring pieces of work amongst the weird and wonderful!

To construct a Dada poem, the language should be broken into syllables and individual letters, and then reconfigured as meaningless sounds.

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Chinese calligraphy and brushwork in Year 7’s art immersion day

Year 7 were joined by visiting artist Qiong Wu today for their art immersion day. Qiong Wu, our art teacher Rachel, and Mandarin teacher Feng worked with the pupils on Chinese calligraphy and brushwork techniques. The students’ work was full of life and expression and their understanding of Chinese... art, narratives and the origin of some letter forms has been enriched by today’s experience.

Here they are exploring the way that the image of a bird on a branch has evolved into the character for “bird”.

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Year 6 design the Troll King, inspired by Peer Gynt

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