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Year 4 origami

Every Tuesday, in the year 4 Life Skills session, pupils learn how to make a piece of origami. Origami helps develop hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration. On top of all of this, it is very fun to make and the children love it! Have a look at our first piece of origami from the school year.

Year 2 perform in their own online concert

Not being at the school did not prevent the Year 2 children from having their own Summer Concert today. They demonstrated their musical skills on Zoom in front of their Form Tutor and their music teacher. The children played instruments and sang songs one by one at home. They ended the concert singing... their song from last year’s Christmas Concert “12 Days of Christmas” together again. It was a beautiful and unique concert they will all remember as they prepare to start Year 3 in the autumn.

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Year 1 launch their first book in French

This year, the Year 1 children have been working on a project to create their very own first book in French. The story called ‘Le voyage fantastique des Year 1’ is about a group of Year 1 children who want to travel the world and discover different countries using a magic red bus. They put into practice... their French speaking and writing skills when inventing the story, and got the chance to record themselves speaking French when making an audio version of their book. The project combines cross-curricular subjects, including French, Art, Life Skills and Geography.

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Ready… Steady… Bake!…In Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about measurements and revised units of lengths, weight and capacity. Cooking is a wonderful way to get children weighing and measuring practically and reading scales carefully. The children can experience metric/imperial measures in recipe books and practise scaling by multiplying... or dividing to create, e.g. double or half the amount in the recipe. Another fun activity is making ‘mocktails’ with different-coloured squashes or juice – challenge your child to create a recipe that actually tastes good. This is what some of the Year 4 children have been trying at home and Rupert baked a banana bread using his maths skills. Thank you for the pictures Rupert! We hoped you and your family enjoyed your fantastic baking!

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Year 4 trip to the British Museum

To complement their work in humanities on ancient Greece, Year 4 went on a trip to the British Museum on Wednesday 29th January. They very much enjoyed using augmented reality technology on tablets supplied by the British Museum to explore the Parthenon Gallery. They learned about ancient Greek religion... and how the Parthenon’s architecture celebrated Athena’s greatness and communicated the power of Athens. The Year 4 pupils had a great day exploring the museum!

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