Lower years


In the Lower Years, pupils enter exciting new territory through their introduction to our language immersion programme, where 50 per cent of learning is conducted in French by a native speaker while the remainder of lessons are taught in English. For pupils joining in Years 3 and 4 who have limited proficiency in French, we have an alternative stream available from September 2023 in which all core subjects are taught in English.

The inclusive nature of the programme is based on the fundamental principle that everyone is carried along on the journey together, with levels of translation decreasing as language skills develop over time.

Naturally embraced by the children, this formative stage of their education provides benefits at many levels: it not only opens their minds to new cultural perspectives and personal accomplishments, it also opens the door to myriad future opportunities to travel, study and work.

In the Lower Years, the curriculum also expands in dynamic new directions, incorporating topic as diverse as Art History alongside core subject areas. Led by expert, subject-specialist teachers, the children begin to develop their knowledge and competence at more complex levels, serving them well for future progression.

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