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Headmaster’s Weekly Newsletter, 21st January 2022

As we make our way through January I am buoyed by the longer days and the beautiful sunshine that we experienced this week, despite the chill in the air. Paul Pearce, our new Deputy Head Academic, has been entranced since starting at HCH and has made a point of reminding all of us about how fortunate...

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Nursery and Reception Autumn display

The nursery children have been inspired to create their latest artworks by fantastic childrens literature. While they listened to “Owl Babies” they created their own fluffy owlets, which were collaged together using a mix of media, including card, felt tip pen and feathers. During the reading of... “The Helpful Hedgehog” they drew the hedgehog faces on paper, then stuck pine needles on them to create their prickly backs. Then the children used their improving scissor skills to cut out an image of an apple which was stuck onto his back.


The children in reception have made some wonderful drawings of landmarks of London in the daytime and at night. They carefully cut out these and stuck them onto a background sky of the correct colour. Then they interspersed these wonderful architectural sketches with superheroes drawn from their imagination who are depicted striving day and night to save London!


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Activities Day 2021, in photos

Another successful Activities Day comes to an end! Each year group from Daycare to Year 13 took part in an off-site activity today. Daycare donned their wet weather gear to go and feed the ducks in Bushy Park. The Early years and Year 1 took a coach to Bocketts Farm where they learned about different...

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Early years weekly assemblies

The Early Years love gathering together every Friday for their weekly assembly. This is a lovely opportunity for Pre Nursery, Nursery and Reception classes to come together and celebrate their weekly achievements and birthdays. The first assembly of the term was about “our new friends”, the second... assembly was about recycling and how important this is for our community. Children listened to a story “The Trouble with Dragons”, the story teaches children about caring for their environment and the importance of recycling.

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Early and lower years sports day 2021

Early and lower years had an amazing sports day on Tuesday. All students participated with a smile on their face and the enthusiasm to do their best. We witnessed some amazing jumps and throws as well as photo finish races. It was a fun and exciting day for all. Lots of laugher and team cheering created... a great atmosphere which encouraged the competitors. All students received a participation certificate which they all should be proud of. Some years groups competed for their houses as well as the chance to win individual medals. At the end of sports day, Year 2, 3 and 4 performed their gymnastic routines, displaying all the skills they have learned throughout the year.

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My HCH experience: Adrian Rainbow, incoming HCH Headmaster

I have been in HCH for two days this week and I have loved getting to know the children and the HCH staff better. I am now even more excited for September, which I didn’t think was possible prior to my visit.

I led my first assembly for middle and upper years pupils in the grounds of the school....

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Observing Remembrance Day at school

This week our community has been taking part in Remembrance Day activities.
Pupils in Year 2 listened to stories in their English lessons about different heroes who fought or contributed to the war effort. Children in Daycare and Pre-Nursery learned about Remembrance Day and why we all wear poppies on... this special day to help us remember the heroes that fought in wars. The children have been creating poppies by painting egg cup boxes using red paint which was quite tricky and fiddly. The children were encouraged to use a paintbrush to paint inside the egg cup shape and outside too. Once dried, the children all took turns gluing the poppy shaped egg cups onto a large round piece of card to form a beautiful wreath.

At 11 am on 11th November the school community observed a two minute silence to remember those who lost their lives in war and conflict.
The children in the early years also watched a short animation clip from CBeebies which is a 2 minute alternative for our silence about about a rabbit, and it’s family on Flanders field.

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