Inspection reports

We are delighted that ISI has recognised the hard work of all the pupils and staff at Hampton Court House in their September 2022 compliance inspection. Hampton Court House met all the required standards and the outcome was a resounding success. The full report is available for download here.

May 2018 Ofsted inspection

As with our 2013 inspection, the real stars are your children, with their personal development, behaviour and welfare classed as outstanding. In the words of the inspectors, ‘pupils’’ behaviour is exemplary. They have excellent attitudes to learning, work well together and are highly motivated to succeed.’ The report refers to our ‘vibrant learning community’ and the ‘genuine care for the happiness and well-being of each individual pupil and member of staff’.

Highlights of the May 2018 Ofsted inspection include:

‘Outstanding’ personal development, behaviour and welfare

‘The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.’

‘In classrooms and around the school site, pupils are extremely polite, friendly and well mannered, showing respect for each other and their teachers and working well together. Their conscientiousness and studious attitudes to learning enable them to achieve well.’

‘Leaders provide well for pupils’ personal well-being and for a wide range of future careers, enabling them to become confident and articulate learners.’

‘Pupils of all ages make a very strong contribution to school life and the wider community… Sixth-form students regularly support and work with younger pupils… This creates a strong sense of family throughout the school and illustrates the pupils’ genuine concern for others.’

‘The school very positively promotes a welcoming ethos in which pupils feel at ease with both one another and with staff. Pupils are very secure in their knowledge that there is always an adult to help them should the need arise. The school’s open and supportive culture ensures that pupils feel confident and comfortable about raising sensitive issues.’

‘Outstanding’ Early years provision

‘The provision for children in the early years is outstanding and successfully promotes their welfare, along with their progress in learning.’

‘Most children enter the early years with skills and knowledge that are typical for their age. All of them achieve exceptionally well, with the majority exceeding expectations for their age by the end of the Reception Year.’

‘An excellent range of resources, both indoors and out, stimulates children’s curiosity and their desire to experiment and explore ideas. Staff make use of the school’s extensive grounds to extend children’s ideas, knowledge and skills.’

‘Staff have an excellent understanding of children’s learning, and regularly communicate with parents, sharing information to ensure that children make the best possible progress.’

Highlights of the June 2013 inspection include:

‘Outstanding’ behaviour and personal development of pupils.

‘This is the result of extremely well planned and well-coordinated whole-school strategies aimed at creating a nurturing ethos that places pupils’ emotional well-being at the centre of pastoral care.

‘The staff create an orderly, yet relaxed, learning environment based on mutual respect in which pupils are treated as unique individuals and can flourish.’

‘Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary in and out of lessons. They combine high levels of attention and cooperation with a lively approach to learning, often buzzing with excitement.’

‘The provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is exemplary.’

‘Outstanding’ curriculum

‘The quality of the curriculum is outstanding’.

‘In the Early Years Foundation Stage … children learn through a good balance of indoor and outdoor play which they initiate and also through activities led by adults.’

‘Reading, writing and mathematical skills are taught systematically from Nursery onwards and, by the end of Year 2 and Year 6, standards are very high.’

‘From Years 1 to 4, the bilingual curriculum is constructed around a mix of lessons taught in French and in English that successfully builds pupils’ competence in both languages and their knowledge and skills across all subject areas.’

‘There are now several strengths: the provision for bilingual education in the primary department; English, mathematics, science and information and communication technology (ICT) in the secondary department; and the linguistic, aesthetic and creative areas of learning throughout the school.’

Pupils’ achievement

‘From the Nursery to Year 4, pupils develop excellent speaking, reading and writing skills in both English and French, owing to the bilingual curriculum and the expert support of multilingual staff.’

‘By the end of Reception, children achieve or exceed the expected goals in all areas of learning.’

‘The 2012 GCSE results indicate strong performance in all subjects and exceptionally high performance in art, history, ICT, psychology and Spanish.’

Quality of teaching

‘Where the teaching is outstanding, the teacher is truly inspirational and skilfully maintains a high level of challenge throughout the lesson, enabling pupils to make exceptional progress.’

‘The mostly good or outstanding lessons enable pupils to make rapid progress. Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve. They ask questions and plan tasks that are designed to challenge all pupils’.

‘[Teachers] communicate enthusiasm and their dynamic style helps pupils to learn at a good pace.’

‘Detailed academic guidance or marking comments show pupils very precisely how they can attain the next level.’

‘Useful systems enable teachers to track pupils’ progress rigorously’.

Pupils’ welfare, health and safety

‘Good provision for pupils’ welfare, health and safety ensures that pupils feel safe and well cared for.’

‘Parents and carers trust the school to keep their children safe and happy and to deal effectively with bullying.’

‘Pupils develop a strong commitment to healthy eating through the curriculum and the wide range of nutritious foods provided by the school.’

‘In the Early Years Foundation Stage, staff are deployed well to support children’s learning and welfare very effectively.’

Leadership and management

‘The senior leaders communicate their ambitious vision to all staff and have directed the changes required to improve the ethos of the school and promote pupils’ outstanding behaviour and personal development.’