Science Week

HCH promotes British Science week annually by hosting an exciting range of talks, demonstrations and workshops, for students of all ages.

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Science Week Day 4- Bath bombs, Genomes and The Science Week Fair

Pupils in Years 5 to 8 made some beautiful smelling, fizzy bath bombs today by mixing together some weak acids and bases. They flavoured their bath bombs with their chosen flavours and colours to make lovely gifts to take home.

Matthew Brown, a software developer from Genomics England led an assembly... for Middle and Upper Years pupils to discuss how advances in sequencing the genome have the potential to revolutionise drug treatment and early disease diagnosis. For further information about Genomics England, visit

And finally, in the school theatre we held the first Science Fair at HCH. Students contributed work and projects that they felt had scientific underpinning. Works included models, research projects, and creative work inspired by science. Students, parents and teachers attended the science fair and were certainly impressed by the variety of displays and projects, from songs to mechanical models and large-scale poster presentations!

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Science Week Day 3- Personality tests, DNA and sustainable energy

As Science Week continues, our students are full of enthusiasm for the variety of activities on offer. Each talk, workshop or demonstration is providing an opportunity to deepen their understanding of their Science curriculum and the world around them.

Our Psychology teacher, Laraib Saeed provided an... opportunity for students to assess their own personality traits using the Big Five Personality test. The test is often used to help determine career paths based on how an individual would react in different situations.

Middle and Upper years pupils attended a Science Week assembly on Sustainability led by Yasmina Mikhael. Yasmina is Head of Sustainability at Long and Partners and has a wealth of expertise in renewables and the built environment.

And finally, Head of Science Abi Howard ran a workshop for Middle and Upper years pupils, explaining how DNA can be extracted from cells. Students had the opportunity to extract cells and DNA from kiwi fruit as part of the practical workshop!

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Science Week 2020 starts with a bang!

Today marks the start of British Science Week, a national celebration of all the sciences. The science department has organised an action-packed week of enriching lessons and activities for pupils of all ages! Today, pupils in the Middle and Upper years had the opportunity to take part in a heart dissection... workshop with Head of Science, Abigail Howard, ably assisted by our A level Biology students. The pupils were dissecting and analysing the different sections of the animal heart whilst discussing the use of dissection in medical and research practices.

Our Early and Lower Years pupils were treated to an explosive assembly led by our Chemist, Dr Thomas McCarthy Ward. Children in Reception class to Year 4 watched in awe as Thomas demonstrated how light is produced in different ways, by heat, by chemistry, and by biology. The children discussed the many things scientists have learned by looking at light, from testing for poisons, to understanding distant stars.

Today’s activities certainly whetted the apetite for a host of practical workshops, talks and demonstrations during the next four days at school.

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