From Years 2 to 11, students at Hampton Court House have science lessons with a subject specialist. Science lessons are rooted in the 11+, 13+ and IGCSE curricula, but all of our teachers are passionate about extending students’ education beyond the curriculum. Our goal is to foster in our students a spirit of enquiry. When they leave us, students should feel confident tackling complex problems using the scientific method, that is, they should feel able not only to pose questions, but also to come up with methods for solving them.

Science dayAs a department, we have close ties with the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, we go on field trips with the Field Studies Council, we enter competitions with bodies such as the Royal Society of Chemistry, and of course, take advantage of our proximity to museums in London.

Abigail HowardBSc PGCE
  • Head of Science

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Year 7 Trip to the Centre of the Cell

Year 7 having a hands-on day of learning at the Centre of the Cell!

An hour spent delving into the science of cells in The Pod…

Followed by an hour taking part in the Sick, Snot and Scabs workshop!

Making Lava Lamps in Science Week

As part of Science Week students learnt how to make lava lamps out of water, oil and an effervescing tablet. They saw that polar and non-polar solutions do not mix and that water would sink to the bottom of a bottle containing oil and water. The water could be dyed using food colouring without affecting... the non-polar oil at the top of the bottle.

Dropping an alka seltzer tablet into the bottle would then cause bubbles of carbon dioxide to rise through the liquid, surrounded by the coloured water and creating a mesmerising lava lamp effect. A little glitter added an extra bit of glamour to their homemade lava lamps.

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Article written by Dimitra and Edward (Year 9).

On Monday the RAF, Royal Air Force, visited our school to teach us all about the different roles in the RAF, how it works, how they do what they do, and much more.

What was better was that they showed what they did but at a level that we all could understand.... They showed us about training of the pilots using virtual reality as well as using drones to show us how they would use this in real life. They showed us many practicals including drone signal interception, the physics of flight and many videos of their aircraft, which showed us how technologically advanced the RAF is getting.

They introduced us to their new aircraft, the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II, capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and their history of their VTOL aircraft.

They showed us that the RAF isn’t just about flying but about jobs like engineering and mechanics. They more or less asked us to join because of their shortage of female engineers as well as engineers in general. They were very inspiring to give us the opportunity to give us a possible role in the armed forces.

Although they didn’t mention it, we noticed a board of the apprenticeships that can be taken in the RAF.

We probably didn’t sound as enthusiastic as we probably should have first thing in the morning, as a whole we enjoyed a lot!

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NPL visits A level Physics Students

On Wednesday, three physicists from the National Physical Laboratory came to speak to our A level physics students about their experiences on the NPL apprenticeship programme.

It was a fascinating insight into what it is like to leave school and to go straight into work in a research lab alongside expert... scientists. The apprentices told us about their particular interests in robotics, magnetism and materials science and all three spoke enthusiastically about their research and training at the lab.

The HCH students showed a real interest in what the apprentices had to say and asked a lot of questions both about the physics and the study schemes available. We hope to maintain links with the laboratory and to arrange a visit in the near future as well as a long term collaboration to develop a programme at the school to encourage more girls to consider taking the subject to A level.

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HCH success at NPL water rocket challenge

Yesterday, a team of students from HCH took part in the NPL Water Rocket Challenge. The afternoon was windy and the teams participating were reluctant to be the first to launch their rocket. The HCH team decided to take the risk of being the first, and although the initial launch was not perfect, the... team showed great insight and ability to adapt to changing weather conditions for their second and third launches. For this reason, the Hampton Court House team finished in first place.

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Transit of Mercury

Yesterday we welcomed parent Camille Astier with her telescope, equipped with special filters to look at the sun, to view the Transit of Mercury. This rare astronomical event occurs when Mercury and Earth’s orbits align, so that Mercury is seen as a black dot passing across the sun.

Students of all... ages enjoyed using the telescope and “eclipse glasses” to safely look at the sun during the lunch break. Year 5 and 6 practised astronomical calculations with Siv and Mark in their maths lessons.

It is a very rare opportunity: the next occurrence will not be until 2019.

A comprehensive article about the Transit of Mercury can be found on the Daily Telegraph website at:

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Trip to Geneva

Day 1

Day 1 of our trip to Geneva has mostly been spent travelling, and looking for passports!

A leisurely start from HCH at 9 this morning got us into Gatwick with plenty of time to mislay our lunch whilst passing through security. (No more jokes please about bomb scares and Junior’s pickles.)


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