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Year 3 create their own cave wall paintings

Year 3 have spent this week creating their own cave wall paintings. Each student made their own wall, scrunching up brown paper and building a lumpy bumpy rock face. They added a coating of sand to make a rough surface on which to experiment with charcoal and coloured chalk pastels and create stories... of woolly rhinocerous, buffalo herds and fierce cave lions.

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Year 10 photogram experiments

As part of their investigation into the idea “Photography is the process of capturing light, a camera is not necessary” the Y10 GCSE Photographers have been experimenting with one of the earliest forms of photography, the photogram.
A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera. It involves... placing things on the surface of a light sensitive material and then exposing them to light.

The results are very striking, we think you will agree!

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Year 9 Art Immersion Day

All of year 9 were involved in our first Art Immersion Day on Wednesday 23rd September. The students were taken out of their normal timetable for the whole of the day to study the history and techniques of traditional Chinese Art, especially the art of the Tang and Song Dynasties. After a discussion... about the history, composition and themes in these paintings the students started learning about the brushwork techniques. The students spent a large part of the day in the grounds, making ink paintings of the garden with a particular focus on showing the diversity of plants and trees, using different dilutions of ink to create foreground and background. Beautiful work year 9 and what a wonderful, mindful way to spend the day.

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Year 4 “Mart” project this week

Mart: a word made-up by the Year 4 children for this week’s art lesson which also implements mathematical understanding.

The children worked on symmetry and discovered real-life symmetrical objects, road signs and animals. They worked on reproducing symmetrical patterns and identifying lines of symmetry... in different shapes. They completed their work this week by drawing the other half of an animal’s face. Well done Year 4 for your hard work and enthusiasm!

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Head of Art, and Artist in Residence co-write their first book together

Our Head of Art, Eve Blackwood, and our Artist in Residence, Selwyn Leamy, have been commissioned by Laurence King publishers to co-write a book. It will be part of the “Do More Art” series, and will be focusing on pencil techniques.
This is Eve’s first book but will be in addition to Selwyn’s... already impressive literary canon, including his “Master Oils” book and “Read This…” series. “Do More Art – Pencil” is due to come out in Autumn 2021 – so keep your eyes peeled!

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Year 1 launch their first book in French

This year, the Year 1 children have been working on a project to create their very own first book in French. The story called ‘Le voyage fantastique des Year 1’ is about a group of Year 1 children who want to travel the world and discover different countries using a magic red bus. They put into practice... their French speaking and writing skills when inventing the story, and got the chance to record themselves speaking French when making an audio version of their book. The project combines cross-curricular subjects, including French, Art, Life Skills and Geography.

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The HCH Daily Doodle!

The fantastic HCH art department have been hard at work putting together a series of daily doodle challenges for families to complete together during this period of self-isolation and school closure. Why not have a go at today’s daily doodle with your family this evening? We will post a new one every...

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