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Y6 Terracotta Warriors

The Y6 students have excelled themselves in Art this term with this sculpture project. Taking inspiration from Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, which they have also been learning about in their Mandarin classes, they have produced some beautifully observed and delicately executed clay heads. Fantastic work Y6!

The art of infographics

The Y7 students have been working hard in Art this term to complete an illustrated booklet inspired by the migratory routes of various British birds. The terrain that the birds fly over is depicted from an aerial view point in a variety of techniques giving a rich and beautiful result. Well done Y7s!

Lower Years History of Art

On Monday, Year 4’s budding Art Historians were visited by Howard Vie, who gave the class a practical demonstration of intaglio printmaking using copper plate. The students encountered this process while looking at the works of William Hogarth, an 18th century painter and engraver in an age before... mass printing and photography supplanted hand-made printing methods. The students all agreed that the process of incising an image into a piece of metal using a sharpened tool was, in fact, much harder than it looked! Many thanks to Howard for giving us his insight into this process and bringing his knowledge and skill into the Year 4 classroom.

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Year 4 – A la manière de Robert Delaunay

In preparation for our exciting trip to Paris, we have started to work on the main monuments of the French capital and focused on the main symbol of the French capital. We discovered one particular painter known for its cubism art and his passion for the Eiffel Tower, Robert Delaunay.

We now know everything... there is to know about this emblematic ‘Dame de fer’. We then explored Delaunay’s art works and interest in light and colours in order to produce our very own piece of art à la manière deRobert Delaunay. Everything in French biensûr !

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Year 9 Mosaic Project

Inspired by patterns in science and nature, our Year 9 students have spent the last few weeks taking their colour knowledge and applying it in their designs for mosaic motifs.
They took into consideration, not just the refining of their chosen design to suit the limitations of mosaic, but also what colour... combinations could show their motif to it’s best advantage. The final mosaic planters will be placed in the new garden outside our Science block.

This project was funded by our wonderful parents association, the Friends of Hampton Court House.

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Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution 1917: Dream or Disaster?

November 1917: the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia; the Tsar is assassinated; a Marxist government under Lenin takes control; a bloody civil war breaks out. At first, little was made of these communist reactionaries by ordinary Russians. Yet, in hindsight,...

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