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Nursery and Reception Autumn display

The nursery children have been inspired to create their latest artworks by fantastic childrens literature. While they listened to “Owl Babies” they created their own fluffy owlets, which were collaged together using a mix of media, including card, felt tip pen and feathers. During the reading of... “The Helpful Hedgehog” they drew the hedgehog faces on paper, then stuck pine needles on them to create their prickly backs. Then the children used their improving scissor skills to cut out an image of an apple which was stuck onto his back.


The children in reception have made some wonderful drawings of landmarks of London in the daytime and at night. They carefully cut out these and stuck them onto a background sky of the correct colour. Then they interspersed these wonderful architectural sketches with superheroes drawn from their imagination who are depicted striving day and night to save London!


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Art student secures scholarship in Westminster

We are absolutely thrilled that one of our Y11 students, Hope Wellspring, has been offered a scholarship to the prestigious DLD College in Westminster.

This offer is based on her outstanding work demonstrated in her GCSE Photography portfolios. Congratulations Hope, you deserve it!

Here is a selection of her work, which has already been recognised as outstanding by the Independent Schools Association.





Year 10 GCSE Photography- creative use of light

Our Y10 GCSE photographers have been flexing their creative muscles this week and challenging themselves to produce a beautifully exposed low light image of some dramatically lit lilies.
This shot was taken by Coco who only joined our course last week – excellent work!

Upcoming London exhibition featuring HCH art teacher

‘Within Without’ is an exhibition of recent paintings by Rachel Mercer, one of our art teachers, and fellow painter Tara Versey. The exhibition will be open from Monday 13th September at The Crypt Gallery beneath St Pancras Church in central London. Rachel is exhibiting approximately 7 paintings... and a handful of drawings.

On Saturday 18th September there is an evening event featuring two electronic soundscapes performed live, one by Iranian sound artist Pouya Ehsaei and the other by sonic composer John Mercer. There will be spoken-word by two writers; former HCH English teacher, Emma Silverthorn and the lyrical poet, Jessica St James.

Rachel and Tara are alumni of the Royal Drawing School where they studied the figure in depth. The exhibition’s paintings explore the interaction between figures and the spaces they inhabit, searching for what this reveals about inner and outer experience.

The exhibition removes the paintings from conventional white gallery walls and onto the dark, sombre brick of the Crypt beneath St Pancras Church. In this subterranean labyrinthine space the paintings are secluded from the outside world, with the traffic and hubbub of Euston Road audible but seemingly distant. The works that hang in spaces reserved for the dead, promote a reflection on life. What it is to be alive is the primary concern for both artists resulting in emotional, sometimes disquieting imagery.

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Y6 Celebrate the Chinese New Year

The Y6 students have been reimagining their recycling as animal masks for Chinese New Year celebrations. Before starting to design their masks, the children researched the traditional characteristics which are attributed to each of the zodiac animals, then they each chose the animal that they felt most... represented them. To decide on the colour palette for their mask, the students looked back at the colours used in medieval Heraldry to learn about the significance of certain colours, and at a wide range of masks through the ages from Pre-Columbian to modern masks from around the world.


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Year 4 pupils create their own paper peepshows

In recent weeks Year 4 have been studying the text ‘Journey to the River Sea’, by Eva Ibbotson. The adventure story, set primarily in Brazil, has provided the inspiration for their latest project in their art lessons too. The students have learned about the development of the ‘paper peepshow’... – a form of book developed in the Victorian era to create tiny, portable scenes. The students chose a description from the text to inspire their design, and made several ‘slides’ to place into their concertinaed book.

Showcasing their excellent drawing skills and wonderful imaginations, whilst learning about perspective and paper folding, the students have created some truly beautiful books.

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Year 2 hand puppet animals project

Year 2 have been busy making their own animal hand puppets in their activities lesson. This half term Year 2 have been learning how to follow origami instructions and today they had to follow instructions to fold their paper properly and then use their scissors to decorate their newly created animals.... They could either draw on it or cut ears/nose/tongue out of coloured paper. The children were delighted to discover they can put their hand in the puppet to open the mouth and make them move and talk!

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