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Y6 Celebrate the Chinese New Year

The Y6 students have been reimagining their recycling as animal masks for Chinese New Year celebrations. Before starting to design their masks, the children researched the traditional characteristics which are attributed to each of the zodiac animals, then they each chose the animal that they felt most... represented them. To decide on the colour palette for their mask, the students looked back at the colours used in medieval Heraldry to learn about the significance of certain colours, and at a wide range of masks through the ages from Pre-Columbian to modern masks from around the world.


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Year 4 pupils create their own paper peepshows

In recent weeks Year 4 have been studying the text ‘Journey to the River Sea’, by Eva Ibbotson. The adventure story, set primarily in Brazil, has provided the inspiration for their latest project in their art lessons too. The students have learned about the development of the ‘paper peepshow’... – a form of book developed in the Victorian era to create tiny, portable scenes. The students chose a description from the text to inspire their design, and made several ‘slides’ to place into their concertinaed book.

Showcasing their excellent drawing skills and wonderful imaginations, whilst learning about perspective and paper folding, the students have created some truly beautiful books.

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Year 2 hand puppet animals project

Year 2 have been busy making their own animal hand puppets in their activities lesson. This half term Year 2 have been learning how to follow origami instructions and today they had to follow instructions to fold their paper properly and then use their scissors to decorate their newly created animals.... They could either draw on it or cut ears/nose/tongue out of coloured paper. The children were delighted to discover they can put their hand in the puppet to open the mouth and make them move and talk!

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Year 11 meet children’s illustrator Sara Ogilvie

Today our Y11 GCSE Art students had the opportunity to have a zoom chat with one of Britain’s most popular children’s illustrators working today.
Sara Ogilvie, who studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art alongside our Head of Art Eve, is probably best known for illustrating ‘The Detective... Dog’ written by Julia Donaldson.

As an illustrator Sara’s creations have included editorial illustrations, images for design projects, book covers, children’s picture book illustrations and advertising campaigns.
She has also worked on several children’s books by Anna Kemp including ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’, ‘The Worst Princess’ and ‘Sir Lilypad’ as well as the ‘Storey Street novel’ series by Phil Earle.
As a printmaker her screen prints and lithographs have been exhibited across the UK and abroad, including USA, Canada, Poland, Japan, Korea and France. She has won many awards for her work.

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Year 6 art immersion day

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their art immersion day this week. Our guest demonstrator was Wu Qiong. The students learned how to use Chinese brushes to make the 8 essential brushstrokes used in Chinese calligraphy. They also discussed the development of Chinese writing from the earliest pictograms to the... modern Mandarin characters. They applied the calligraphic brushstrokes to paint plants and branches outdoors. The drawings use washes of ink and details added in a darker ink. Throughout the day students improved their skill with the brush and control with the ink.

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Chinese calligraphy and brushwork in Year 7’s art immersion day

Year 7 were joined by visiting artist Qiong Wu today for their art immersion day. Qiong Wu, our art teacher Rachel, and Mandarin teacher Feng worked with the pupils on Chinese calligraphy and brushwork techniques. The students’ work was full of life and expression and their understanding of Chinese... art, narratives and the origin of some letter forms has been enriched by today’s experience.

Here they are exploring the way that the image of a bird on a branch has evolved into the character for “bird”.

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