Upper Years Mixed Netball Match

Yesterday afternoon, students from Years 9 to 11 played in their first mixed netball match against Canbury School. After a short warm up, both teams quickly got stuck into the game!

HCH immediately took the lead scoring the first goal. With a few minor errors and a slight lack of confidence from some... players, Canbury managed to get the ball into the attacking circle and scored their first goal. It was evident to see HCH wanted to win as the team fought for every ball ending the first quarter with a 2 – 1 lead.

During the second quarter, HCH stepped up their game dramatically, making it extremely hard for Canbury’s defensive players. With excellent team work and communication, Charlotte and Leon managed between them to pull the score up to 8 – 1 to HCH by half time! Excellent shooting!

During the third quarter, HCH showed off their versatility by swapping to positions they had never played before! Again, HCH managed to outwit Canbury in the centre court by allowing the ball to travel to the attacking D where Sami managed to score his first goal. The final score after this quarter was 10 – 1 to HCH.

Going into the last quarter with such a strong lead, the HCH team were very confident with their passing especially the captain Christabel as well as Alice, Edward, Henry, Jayden, Dimitra and Beth. The final score was 11 – 1 to HCH.

Well done to all players, you are to be commended for your hard work!

Team – Christabel (captain), Sami, Alice, Henry, Leon, Edward, Beth, Dimitra, Charlotte and Jayden.

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The Early and Lower Years Carnival, organised by the Friends of HCH, took place on Friday 10 February. The children came to school wearing costumes and had the chance to parade on stage to some lively music. They enjoyed some scrumptious crêpes after having a go at tossing them! This was the perfect gathering to finish the first half-term of the new year.

A Dragon in Daycare!

Before half term the children in Daycare were celebrating The Chinese New Year.

They decorated an animal from the Zodiac, made Chinese drums and lanterns and they made a dragon.

At the end of the week they joined the school children at the carnival party.

Friends’ Quiz Night

The Friends of HCH organised a quiz night at school which was hosted by Adam. There were a few rounds covering a variety of topics.

A very enjoyable evening.

Middle Years Gymnastics Squad

On Monday, 10 girls from the Middle Years travelled to Dunottar School in Reigate to perform a gymnastics routine which they had been working on since the beginning of the year.

The HCH gymnastics squad opened the district competition with their group display to an instrumental version of ‘Feeling... Good’ by Muse.

The routine involved a number of complex individual skills, choreography and Sports Acro group balances. The whole squad are to be commended for their hard work and commitment to training as well as their excellent performance.

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NPL visits A level Physics Students

On Wednesday, three physicists from the National Physical Laboratory came to speak to our A level physics students about their experiences on the NPL apprenticeship programme.

It was a fascinating insight into what it is like to leave school and to go straight into work in a research lab alongside expert... scientists. The apprentices told us about their particular interests in robotics, magnetism and materials science and all three spoke enthusiastically about their research and training at the lab.

The HCH students showed a real interest in what the apprentices had to say and asked a lot of questions both about the physics and the study schemes available. We hope to maintain links with the laboratory and to arrange a visit in the near future as well as a long term collaboration to develop a programme at the school to encourage more girls to consider taking the subject to A level.

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