Middle Years News

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News Highlights

HCH Shortlisted for Award

Our French-English bilingual immersion programme for the Lower Years shortlisted for the TES Independent School Awards in the ‘Strategic Education Initiative of the Year’.

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Noye’s Fludde

Hampton Court House staged its first opera this summer. Noye’s Fludde by Benjamin Britten tells an adapted story of Noah and his drunken, reluctant wife from the medieval Chester Miracle […]

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Trying out Recipes in Year 5

After working with recipes (scaling, conversion graphs, ratios) Year 5 finally got to put theory into practice. Measuring things out wasn’t always easy, but our delicious waffles proved that we […]

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Year 6 using BIDMAS

Year 6 have been practising the order of operations this week. And after all the hard work they got to practise their skills playing Nubble. Could you reach any number […]

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