The study of Latin is tremendously exciting. A knowledge of Latin grammar helps pupils to develop a more sophisticated and literary command of English, as well as other modern languages. English lessons complement classics lessons through the regular study of English words which have derived from Latin roots.

Latin is taught from Year 5. The programme for the Middle Years is based on the levels for the Common Entrance exam. The students work through Level 1 in Years 5-6, Level 2 in Year 7, and Level 3 in Year 8. We use the Galore Park Latin for Common Entrance books as a guide. This allows the students to learn common vocabulary, necessary grammar, and the culture and history of the Ancient World.

From Year 9 the students work with Latin to GCSE 2 by Henry Cullen and John Taylor. This book was specifically written with the new OCR GCSE in mind and therefore prepares the students for continuing to the Latin GCSE in Year 10 and 11. The benefit of our Latin programme is that by Year 10, the students will have already learned the necessary vocabulary and grammar for the GCSE allowing them to put more time into exploring Roman texts in their original language.

Throughout the Middle and Upper Years, Latin lessons regularly refer to cross language parallels in French, Spanish, English, and other languages the students may speak at home. They also learn to apply the complex sentence structures in Latin to their writing and analysis of texts in English classes.

Kathryn Hager-Conroy

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