HCH Autumn School Menu 2020

Hampton Court House prides itself on the excellence of its kitchen. Lunch is an important social event at the school. Although some pupils prefer to eat fairly quickly before dashing off to various lunchtime activities, others prefer to stay at their tables, engaged in conversation. All lunches are prepared at the school. Meat, milk, cream, butter and eggs are sourced from reputable suppliers. Potatoes, carrots and onions are likewise delivered fresh from the farm.

A bi-weekly menu rota is designed to provide a balanced, nutritious diet. Over the two week rota 27 portions of varying seasonal fruits and vegetable appear on the menu.

Edson Lopes Junior
  • Executive Head Chef

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Y6 pupil uses time in lockdown to create allergy-free recipe blog

Khalil in Year 6 has always been a school champion of allergy awareness and ensuring that HCH is an inclusive and ‘allergy-friendly’ place to be. He is also a brilliant cook and baker. We are delighted that Khalil has been using his time since the national lockdown last month to create some amazing... recipes on his blog

KScooks. Khalil has tried out lots of his new ideas on his parents and two younger siblings who also attend HCH. Well done Khalil. We can’t wait to try some of these when we are all reunited at school!
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Camp HCH 2019

Over 130 pupils from years 5 to 13 and 40 staff took part in the annual Camp HCH in the school grounds on Friday. At the end of the school day the pupils made their way to the sports field to pitch their tents and say goodbye to their parents before the evening’s festivities started. As the BBQ was... lit, the students took part in ‘Zen in the Den’ activities, making their own dreamcatchers and learning how to craft their own bows and arrows out of twigs from the school grounds. As the sun began to set on the campsite, the pupils played French cricket and ultimate frisbee tournaments while the catering team and teachers began to prepare the food for dinner. After dinner, the bonfires were lit and the pupils gathered to perform live music for one another and dance. The evening drew to a close with marshmallows toasting over the bonfires and stories before bedtime. On Saturday morning the campsite was cleared while the children drank hot chocolate and ate croissants, chatting about the evening before and the many happy memories they have made.

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Francophone Week 7th-10th May 2019

Staff and pupils are looking forward to ‘Francophone Week’ at Hampton Court House, celebrating the language and culture of the world’s many French-speaking countries.
Each classroom will have the flag of a country where French is (one of the) official languages, plus some economic and cultural... information of that country. There will be special lunchtime assemblies, workshops, French films and talks to encourage students to discover the Francophone culture beyond France.

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Year 6 become Pizzaiolos and Horrible Historians

Year 6 had the unique opportunity to become ‘Pizzaiolos’ for the day at a Pizza Express School Experience. They made their own pizzas from scratch, learning how to knead and toss the dough before adding their own toppings. They also spent some time learning about the importance of fresh ingredients,... how food is prepared and where our food comes from.

We were fortunate with the weather and enjoyed a pizza picnic for lunch before heading to the Rose Theatre, Kingston, to see a performance of Horrible Histories – Ruthless Romans. The production was incredible and brought to life the Roman History they have been studying this year. Overall a fantastic day had by all.

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Cooking experiment

We were working on microbes when Raul (our science teacher) had the brilliant idea to make bread using yeast. We learnt so much like yeast eats the sugar and creates carbon dioxide and that’s what makes the dough grow we also found that the yeast multiplies at 38°C (close to the body temperature.... Year six did this in two groups, one made the dough and the other formed the dough into bread shapes. We did this in the kitchen with help from Junior (the school’s chef). We made the bread using a simple recipe with flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast (fungi) and olive oil. We achieved something we would never imagined.

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Boris Johnson: “Best school dinner I’ve ever had”

On the ITV News today, Boris Johnson commented on the quality of the food cooked by Hampton Court House’s Head Chef, Junior Lopes, at Reach Academy in Feltham.

The Mayor said:

“School dinners were never like this at Eton”
and: “This is the best school dinner I’ve ever had.”

We’re extremely... proud of all our kitchen staff at HCH. The quality of the food they freshly prepare and cook everyday is unparalleled. News just in that Tuna Mayor sandwiches will be served at tonight’s Parents’ evening…

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