Welcome to Early Years

The Early Years section comprises the Nursery and Reception classes and the Daycare unit.

Nursery and Reception

Maritza is the Key Person for the Nursery class and Sara for the Reception class. Sara and Maritza are assisted by Tanya, Latifa, Keegan, Sage and Olivia.

Every morning starts from 8.35 with Circle Time in either French or English. Circle Time is a special time to remind pupils of the things they did yesterday, share news that has happened in the meantime and discuss the day ahead. The children also share chants and rhymes, songs, read a story, and participate in movement games and relaxation activities. Circle time provides a time for listening, developing attention span, promoting oral communication, and learning new concepts and skills.

The day then generally continues with English, French and mathematics before lunch.

The afternoon contains variety of activities; including sport, art, music and drama with specialist teachers in English or French. Exposure to a range of languages at this early stage is ideal for the development of linguistic ability later in life.

Art class in nursery at HCH

Art class in Nursery

Children are taken out of lessons for individual reading lessons. We ensure they are seen at least three times per week and their progress is logged in their Reading Record. This is important as their reading must be supported at home. Children who read at home every night with their parents develop a lifelong love of reading and make the best progress in school.