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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

Year 5 & 6 French Trip

We had a very smooth and safe journey with a chilly interlude at Calais. We were welcomed by our host French families and all the children left smiling. Long may it last…!


Our evening was very exciting because we got to see how the French spend their evenings, what they eat and do. For me, last night, we played on the Wii with my pen friend Emma, and watched the Simpsons in French. We had a “goûter” at four o’ clock: gâteau au chocolat. After the goûter we continued to speak French and played French Monopoly. After that we ate spaghetti. Then I learnt a new word: shower which was “douche”! so I had a douche! – Clarissa

Dear Mother And Father, It was a fine evening on the way to Rouen we had two transports Eurostar (1 hour) and took a coach for (4 hours).I had a nice family two sons and one daughter we had a fun evening with some awkward silence but got through it!! I fell asleep on the coach at one point but they did not notice! we played a card game which I wanted to be blackjack but turned out to be a game which i had no idea what we were doing and it lasted for half an hour. Today we had a tour at school, art, German. Their lunch was difficult to chew and I sneaked out to throw it away.– Shen

OMG !!!!! Martin and I have just arrived at the school in Normandy. When we all got out of the bus some of our pen friends were already there my pen friend of course was not there. He was there later to pick me up. When he got to me I got my suit case and said goodbye . When we arrived at the house I put my things in the room i was sleeping in and then we went to my pen friend’s cousin’s house and played UNO for a long time . when we got home I had quiche with lots of cheese inside. Then i went to bed. – Luca

As you all know out teacher Dominique always has good ideas and this time Dominique’s idea was to go on a French trip to Rouen/Paris. Normally the trip was only for year 6 but sadly all of us could not go for personal reasons. So Dominique decided it could be a good idea to have year 5 with us. Sunday: To go to Rouen we had to take the eurostar for 1 hour and then we took the coach for 3/4hours. In the eurostar i was sitting next to Millie and then in the coach i was sitting next to Saule. Then to meet our penfriends and their families we had to meet at their school. When we arrived with the coach they were wating for us. My penfriend told me that to go from her house to her school we need 30minutes.To go to her house we have to walk a bit then take the “train” and then walk a lot!!! My penfriend whose name is Cassandra lives in a flat. She has a cat called Boubba, and she’s 10 year old Sunday night: at Cassandra’s house we played a lot and we ate some French beans and meat. Monday: welcome to the school called College Claude Bernard. They have a big school and a big play ground. The only thing i can tell is that for the moment being at Rouen is very fun!!!! – Romane

I left England expecting sunshine, that’s part of the reason i came to France. What i got was COLD!!!!!!! Right now I am in College Claude Bernard supposed to be writing about what happened and that is what I’m going to do (day 1 ) I arrived at St Pancreas and got on the Eurostar. I was sitting next to Martin and I was opposite Laurie and Beth we played cards until the train stopped. I thought we were already in France but little did I know there was a 3 hour journey by coach waiting for me. We did then eventually get to Rouen where our pen friends waited for us. When I got to their home they offered me to go to the park where we stayed for 3 hours. We got back and rested before going to a French restaurant then we went back and went to bed. In the morning went to school were we had French and art then we had German then we had break and then we started writing some updates on the trip like i am now but it’s end of school now so bye from France. – Oscar

Hello school, I’m in France and as I’m speaking I’m in a French school ,eating French food and learning A LOT of French. I am loving my stay here and if you are reading this i did need the glue. Anyway today i started off with French and the teacher is really funny, and then a tour of the school. The food here is really different, you get two choices of most of the food. The first night was great, I got hotdogs and smiley face shaped potatoes for dinner and it was great .I have an older brother called Oscar and he’s really funny and a younger brother called Eliot but my pen friend’s name is called Emilen and he’s really funny. His parents are divorced so on Tuesday i move to his father’s house. Emilien’s house is so colourful yet modern. When we got off the train at Calais it was so cold but lucky for me i had my hat, if my parents are reading this i am having the time of my life and i can’t wait to see Spudley (my dog).Bye and i will update my stories soon but now BYE!!!!!!!!!!!! – laurie

I woke up about 6am i got ready and drove to London St Pancras with Millie. We got out of the car and went to meet everyone. Dominique said let’s go in so we did. We got our passport and after that we waited for the gates to open and when it opened Dominique said yay it is opened. All of us got on the train the train trip lasted 1hr. I was sitting with kit, shen and clarissa. We got off at Calais and there was no one in the train station at all! We got on the coach and it was took 2hrs, we all had fun such fun for 2hr we played and talked and listened to music. In 2hrs time it was Rouen and we met our families!!!!!!!!! Today we had a busy day at school. The canteen was different to ours. We used trays and there were several courses, but it wasn’t as good as Junior’s food! That was Sunday and Monday:) – Saule

We arrived in busy St. Pancras to go to Calais, when we arrived in Calais there was nobody there. When we arrived at the school we could see every one waiting for us. When we went home we played on his xbox, playstation and WII. And at 4:00 we had some cake. This morning we woke up at six English time for the second time!!! For lunch we had under cooked beef and mushed up broccoli and macaroni with tuna. – Kit

oh la la la la !!!!! when I was on the train from St Pancras . I was sitting next to Imogen and we played army troopers and of course i won but then we got bored of that so we played mario kart 7 on Imogen’s 3ds and templ run 2 on my Kindle Fire . When we got off the train and it had left I realised someone had taken my camera I had to let it go because the train had already gone far away . Then we were on a coach for 3 h and i sat next to Martin we talked for a long . Luca

For the first time ever i have done a trip without family!!!!!! New language new food and new country!!!! This is my first day and i am having an AMAZING time!!!! We have lots more things to do like going to ROUEN and Paris! I am NOT used to English! I played a new game and won ,the food is DELICIOUS and the entertainment is great. My pen friend is called LUANA, the school is really nice and very different! Her house is GINORMOUS! IEach ramble will get more exciting and a LOT longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) IMOGEN :) :) :)

HELP!AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH IT’S THE FRANCE TRIP! Yes dear readers it is me and the rest of years 5 and 6 going on an adventure and we will face difficulties like uncooked meat in the cafeteria! So now we’re in the concrete jungle (school) making progress in the day in art and in computing if we survived last night we can do it again – Alex

Saint-Pancras England (bad weather again) .We were on the train I was playing cards with Oscar, Beth, Laurie. Then on the coach one person vomited. We arrived we were really nervous but in a few minutes I had another friend, my first penfriend. When I went to the school I was nervous but the boys were really cool the lessons on monday are really good .Well that’s all of it so far. -Martin