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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Year 8 create mobile apps

Year 8 have been learning the entire process of creating their own mobile apps using App Lab from Building on the programming concepts students used in previous units, they conceptualized, designed, coded and tested their apps before publishing them for the world to use. The students had to come up with different ideas for their app and explain how the app will be interesting and beneficial to their intended audience.

Here are some exceptional pieces of work!

Eesa – General Knowledge Quiz for 10-13 year old

Eesa has written 758 lines of Javascript code. The quiz has four different levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard. There are awards and trophies at the end:

Philo – Minecraft Quiz : Would you like to know more about Minecraft?

Philo has created a Minecraft quiz app with 10 questions. He explains the answers in detail and has chosen beautiful background images relevant to the question for every screen.

Julia – English Revision app for Year 8s

Julia has built an English revision app comprising 12 questions. The quiz is meant for Year 8 and the questions are multiple choice.

Great work, Year 8!