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Year 4 camping trip to Walton Firs

Year 4 students went on a three day camping trip to the Walton Firs Activity Centre. This was an exciting opportunity for the students to experience outdoor adventure and activities together, to encourage community spirit and to reward their hard work and commitment for the Tycoon in Schools project they undertook in Maths. Once our camp was all set, we had a walk around the campsite and discovered all the diverse activity areas. We had a picnic and then enjoyed some free play.

Children had activities planned on site such as archery, GPS navigation, climbing, maze, night line, frisbee and golf. They had great fun and learnt how to work in teams to look for clues and answers. In the evenings, we made a campfire, roasted marshmallows and told scary stories around the fire.

Julie said, “the camping trip was extraordinary! We were surrounded by nature and enjoyed lots of different fun activities. The tents were comfortable and we managed quite well to survive for 2 and a half days, the food was amazing. We had a barbecue on Saturday! It was brilliant.”

Harriet said, “I loved the camping trip so much! My favourite activities were the nightline, the maze and the Bing, Swish, Bong game. It was really exciting to be out of school with all my friends!”
Children had a great time with their teachers outside of the usual classroom setting and went home tired but with their heads full of unforgettable memories!



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