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Year 3 camping trip to Boidier Hurst

Last Friday, Year 3 children enjoyed a two day camping expedition to Boidier Hurst Camp Site, near Box Hill.

In the morning, the Year 3 classroom was filled with buzzing and excited explorers carrying rucksacks and camping diaries – the children were ready to go on an adventure! We arrived at Boidier Hurst around 10 am and went through the campsite rules with the warden. We then walked to site number 9 to pitch our tent: it was great fun even though it required patience and precision. Once our tent was organised and set, we enjoyed a well-deserved picnic at the campsite and then went on a one hour stroll in Box Hill forest. It was delightful to see so many different flowers, insects and bugs. We stopped at the top of the hill to have a rest and did some sketches of the beautiful landscape. Once back at camp, we had a snack and then got on with some varied activities: chess, dobble, connect 4, giant paper aeroplane making and petanque. We then played rounders and enjoyed some drama games. Around 6 pm we gathered twigs and sticks to start our camp fire. We cooked spaghetti and tomato sauce on the fire and for dessert we savoured a fire-grilled giant marshmallow! Delicious!

After supper the children got ready for story time, followed by a fun run around in the dark with their torches.

The following morning, we lit the fire again to make toast for breakfast. Sadly, it was soon time to take down our tent and tidy up: it went so fast! We all went home around 11 am, tired but with our heads full of amazing memories of this unforgettable outdoor adventure!

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