Y11 watch ‘A View From the Bridge’ at The National Theatre Archives

A View From the Bridge Review

By Asimina Y11

A trip to the National Theatre Archives (Waterloo) granted year 11 a screening of ‘A View From the

Bridge’ by Arthur Miller; a raw, bare performance magnifying the gripping tale of justice, honour and

conflict. As opposed to setting the play in the ragged Brooklyn tenement, Ivo Van Hove – the

renowned director, chose to project the uneasy yet intriguing

story by stripping the stage of distractions and adding discreet allusions and symbols to each

character’s intentions and emotions. There was also an unnerving final scene where all the characters were

drenched in a shower of blood. The trip certainly proved memorable, and will aid each

student in visualising the play with special focus on the themes and characters – it is

especially useful that the National Theatre Archive holds a recording of each performance, as it

provides such an excellent opportunity for the students to see this tragedy unfold.