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Remote teaching for Y1-13 - Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

We Day 2015

On Thursday 5th March 2015, a small group of us who had been specially selected were invited to spend the day at the glamorous Wembley Arena where we experienced the second annual We Day. The day began at 7.20 am when the fundraisers left HCH on the school minibus. From the second they walked into the Arena they were bombarded with loud music that did not stop until the end. This particular We Day focused on technological, social, educational and economic empowerment. We heard from famous faces such as Spencer West, Martin Sheen, HRH Princess Beatrice and Holly Branson. Andy Barrow, an inspirational paralympian, spoke about the power of ‘we’. Richard Branson interviewed three teenage girls about their discovery of a bacteria that can make wheat grow faster. We heard from Arthur Kay, speaking about using coffee grounds from cafes as biofuel. We heard the widely praised ‘Bars and Melody’ from ‘Britain’s got Talent’ and from the grandson of Nelson Mandela. Other inspirational speakers included the creator of the most famous baby food company in Britain and a woman who escaped to England from Iraq when she was five and is now training to become a pilot. We all learnt the We Day dance which we performed multiple times. We all came away with a gift bag and happy memories.

Laurie, Y7