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Visit to Bletchley Park

We all found the visit to Bletchley Park of historical significance.
We saw Cottage 3, from where Alan Turing was able to decode the Nazi’s enigma machine.

From within the Chauffeur’s Hut, we were provided with a brilliant account of the historical events at Bletchley, and the importance why we should remember the efforts of the men and women who successfully decoded messages during WW2.

Inside the grand house we saw the exhibition film trailer: The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch’s representation of Turing’s brilliant mind to decode the Nazi’s codes.

Imogen feel in love with Bletchley, she loved the history and the cyphering.

The park is still an extraordinary and special place even after all these years and one we all thought we to had to revisit again, but perhaps better with the summer sun.

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