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Video games: a journey beyond the screen

Video games have become the world’s biggest entertainment industry, worth over 99 billion dollars. Yet, while film stars, directors and composers are celebrated in the pages of glossy magazines, game creators are still in the shadows. Games are often much maligned by parents and teachers.

In our latest Form Seven talk, the aim was to take a journey beyond the screen.

The talk was delivered by Fabian Weber, who has had a multi-faceted career as a translator and marketer in the games industry. His presentation was engaging and at times moving, charting the development of video games, from their earliest origins to the present day. Fabian’s passion for his craft and his attention to detail were evident as showed game footage and discussed the positives of the best video games – creativity, emotional depth, problem-solving. Finally, he outlined the huge variety of roles required to bring a video game to market.

Both parents and students left with a new perspective on video games.

Image from “Journey”, © That Game Company 2012