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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Upper Years

OFSTED – Enjoyment of School

Good relationships promote pupils’ enjoyment of school, their positive attitudes to learning and their regular attendance. They also help the pupils to grow in confidence and self-esteem. – Ofsted 2010

So many of the students are staying beyond common entrance

The importance of offering a second language is greater now than at any time before and this is a strength at HCH. I am delighted that so many of the students are staying beyond common entrance. This is a great achievement for you. Finally I hope that HCH is able to continue to assess the younger children annually and put them into classes accordingly. For my children this has been essential with the elder one requiring more time to reach his current level and the younger one in danger of being bored had not Eliana had the conviction to move him to the senior school. – Parent (Children in years 9 & 11)

Praise for the staff

Both daughters have positively thrived at Hampton Court House. I watch as they grow in confidence yearly and have nothing but praise for the excellent staff at HCH. HCH is a fantastic place to spend your educational early years. – Debbie Earle, Parent of Georgia and Mimi in Years 8 & 10)

Their opinions valued and their voices heard

The students are always paramount; their opinions valued and their voices heard. I have two confident, grounded and well educated daughters, who will carry the Hampton Court House way with them through their lives – to be kind, fair, have empathy, to treat everyone as equal, have good humour and self assurance; for with these qualities they will stand out in life – as well as the elegance they gained under Eliana’s watchful eye! My main aims in sending my girls to HCH were that they would be well educated in a happy environment and that is what they have been lucky enough to have. – Catherine Everest, Parent & Head of The Friends at Hampton Court House.

Holistic and very individual approach to the children

HCH has transformed my son! Its holistic and very individual approach to the children in its care embraces “education” in its widest possible meaning. HCH has instilled on Max a new found love of life as well as for learning. – Gillian Ingham, Parent of Max, Year 9.