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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

Upper Years Visit to Sky Academy

Yesterday, Years 9 and 10 visited Sky Academy. After a tour of the studios at Sky HQ, we split into groups and headed over to the sky academy studios to make a news report about the effect that “textspeak” is having on today’s society.

We spent time working on scripts for our news anchors, reporters, voice over and vox pops.

Once our “on screen talent” had changed into their costumes, we were ready to record.

The appointed directors cued them, the camera operators chose their framing, and our editors keyed in the background, inserted the rolling headlines, and then cut the report together.

At the end of the session we had a chance to see the live Sky Sports studio and production suite before we watched our reports which segmented into each other to form a comprehensive report on the subject.

At the end of our visit we had a clear picture of the processes involved in producing a news report and getting it to air.





Students feedback:
I absolutely loved the school trip to Sky Academy. It was one of the best school trips ever. I learned a lot about news reports, teamwork and filming. We also learned about the live news and saw the presenters at work while live.
– Alisa

I enjoyed this trip more than I thought I would, it was interesting to learn about how it works and making our own news report was fun. I wished we were allowed to take a picture of the place where the news are being recorded.
– Alice

I found it really interesting how the shows are put together, for example the procedures involved in producing it, like the editing and the use of green screens. I also really liked going into the studios (like the golf one) and also working off camera assisting with voiceovers/editing. I learnt all the steps in how to make a television show and how long and expensive it is (£250,000 for ONE camera!) To conclude I found this trip eye opening into the world of media.
– Bessie

I really enjoyed sky studios. I learned the three steps and floors for making, editing and sharing a TV programme all around the world. The golf studio we went in was very interesting and I found that the cameras cost an incredible amount of money. We also got to see the people working, and the reporters, on live! I thought that the teamwork that was put into our animation was very effective. But it was mostly a lot of fun. I was the camera operator and it was very interesting to see how the green screen works as I had never even been to a filming studio before. The only disadvantage was how short the trip was. I wish we had stayed longer and discovered other things about the art of filming, editing and sharing.
– Dhelia

This Sky studio trip was very interesting and informing. I have learnt that it is very expensive for studios to make their final products and it requires a huge amount of work and a huge amount of time. Every detail of what we see on TV is precisely checked and worked on. Everyone working there has an important role to play.
Thank you for bringing us here today, it was great to share that with everyone.
– Romane