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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Upper Years Netball Match

On Wednesday 20 September, the Years 9-11 ‘A’ team played in a netball fixture against Thames Christian College (TCC). It was the first match of the season and with new members joining the team, the HCH girls didn’t quite know what to expect. HCH started with a particularly strong set of passes and communication with some goals scored quite early on by Krystyna, Romane and Katie. Poppy and Dimitra were as strong as ever with their interceptions in the defensive third and managed to stop TCC getting the ball into the circle. Scarlett, who was playing centre in the first part of the match did particularly well at getting free from her opponent in both the attacking, centre and defensive thirds and is to be commended for her excellent communication with the rest of the team. Fia made her way on to the court for the first time representing HCH and was very strong in creating space and intercepting numerous balls as WD. Beth and Grace, being such versatile players succeeded with any challenges that came their way!

Overall the girls played very well considering it was their first match as a team and of the season! However, there is plenty more work to be done as the score could have been a lot higher!

Well done girls, keep up the hard work!

Team – Dimitra (captain), Grace, Poppy, Romane, Krystyna, Scarlett, Beth, Fia and Katie

Player of the match – Scarlett