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Upcoming London exhibition featuring HCH art teacher

‘Within Without’ is an exhibition of recent paintings by Rachel Mercer, one of our art teachers, and fellow painter Tara Versey. The exhibition will be open from Monday 13th September at The Crypt Gallery beneath St Pancras Church in central London. Rachel is exhibiting approximately 7 paintings and a handful of drawings.
On Saturday 18th September there is an evening event featuring two electronic soundscapes performed live, one by Iranian sound artist Pouya Ehsaei and the other by sonic composer John Mercer. There will be spoken-word by two writers; former HCH English teacher, Emma Silverthorn and the lyrical poet, Jessica St James.

Rachel and Tara are alumni of the Royal Drawing School where they studied the figure in depth. The exhibition’s paintings explore the interaction between figures and the spaces they inhabit, searching for what this reveals about inner and outer experience.

The exhibition removes the paintings from conventional white gallery walls and onto the dark, sombre brick of the Crypt beneath St Pancras Church. In this subterranean labyrinthine space the paintings are secluded from the outside world, with the traffic and hubbub of Euston Road audible but seemingly distant. The works that hang in spaces reserved for the dead, promote a reflection on life. What it is to be alive is the primary concern for both artists resulting in emotional, sometimes disquieting imagery.