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UNESCO Schools with Kingston University Seminar: ‘Empowering students to lead local and global change with “Student Quality Circles”’

Date: Friday 27th June, 2014
Time: 1.30 – 4.15pm
Place: Hampton Court House
Format: Workshop and student participant presentations

Theme: ‘How can young people use Students Quality Circles (SQCs) to empower themselves and lead change, locally and globally?’

Including contributions from the founder and CEO of the world’s largest school, this practical event offers young people the opportunity to learn about Student Quality Circles (SQCs) and how they can empower themselves to lead change, locally and globally.

Student Quality Circles developed out of the Japanese post war industrial miracle, when grass roots workers’ initiatives (known as “Quality Circles”) had a major impact on global innovation and economic growth. The session will begin with contributions from global authorities in SQCs, following on from their participation in the “International Convention for Student Quality Circles” at Kingston University earlier in the week:


Jagdish Gandhi, founder of CMS in Lucknow, India, the world’s largest school with some 50,000 pupils, and winner of the 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

Abdul Wahid Mir, Principal of Modernage School, Abbottabad, Pakistan.

These will be followed by a practical workshop in which students will apply SQCs to important local and global challenges. The afternoon will wrap up with students presenting their findings to the entire assembly.

The material is suitable for students from Year 7 up to and including sixth form, especially those passionate about social action and/or interested in subjects such as citizenship, geography, and social, cultural, and political studies. The content also ties in with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s commitment to bring Global Citizenship to young people across the world as part of Global Education First, whose Special Envoy is former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.