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Twickenham Trip and Tour

On the 5th of March a group of students went to the Twickenham rugby stadium in Twickenham. We went there on the bus and when we got there we were met by Daniela’s father, who took us on a tour around the stadium the places that he took us to were the very top row of the stadium into the O2 box which is the best box because they are the main corporate sponsor. He then took us into the RFU council room and then out to the royal box after this we went down into the tunnel and INTO THE CHANGING ROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were allowed to sit in the seats where the actual players sit, and in the coaches changing room there were some old tactics on the board it said:

How to beat Wales:

1. Turn up.
2. See point one.

After this we went out onto the pitch for obvious reasons we were not allowed on the grass but we were allowed onto the Astroturf, after we left the pitch we went for lunch after that we went up to one of the RFU boxes and did a workshop competition. The team that won included Henry, Mark, Luke and Nick.