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Times Tables – 100 Tasks Sheet

The maths department always starts the Autumn Term with a big push on learning/practising times tables. Learning times tables is a brilliant way of helping children advance their maths and a secure knowledge will make a huge difference.

There are various apps, games and worksheets one can use to practise, but it can be quite simple as well. We are using a 100 tasks sheet. Children seeing teachers and parents practise is a powerful motivational tool. So why not challenge each other? Who can be fastest?

Each mistake adds 10 seconds to the score. The school’s record is 1 minute and 21 seconds (October 2016).
If you want to give it a go at home, please find attached our 100 tasks sheet (PDF) or an Excel tasks sheet which will randomly generate a worksheet. Join the fun!

Times Tables 100 Tasks

Times Tables 100 Tasks Excel