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The trip that opened my eyes

Ayrton in Malawi for the IF Campaign to End World Hunger

Last week Ayrton (Yr 6) went to Malawi with Jonanthan Swain of ITV to help make hunger history.

We arrived at a rural village in Malawi and got a wonderful welcome from the community, who sang for us. I met the village elders, including the village headman, and I was introduced to his son Mapangano, 10 years old just like me. He took me into his home, which had one room. I felt very sorry because he said that he has only one meal a day. I have three meals – and whatever else I want from the fridge. He has to eat the same thing every day, which is nsima.

Aaron, from the Tearfund charity, told us that this stodgy porridge is what most people eat – and they have chicken only on Christmas Day because it’s a luxury. Even rice is too expensive for some villages.

Every year his village has less and less food because the rains are not coming in time.

Climate change is one of the reasons people go hungry in Malawi. Mapangano took me to his school and I was amazed that there are more than 100 children in his class. They go to school hungry and can’t concentrate because they keep thinking about food. After the week in Malawi, I have a lot to think about.

Remembering Mapangano back in that village makes me wonder how I can help. I want to be a part of making it right. If you would like to take action, then please buy as much FairTrade food as you can and waste as little food as you can, because here in the UK we waste nearly 15 million tons of food every year!

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