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Remote teaching for Y1-13 - Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

The Red Button Challenge

Like the 1960s film by John Sturges from the American frontier, our magnificent seven walked in to conquer all or nothing at Cisco’s Headquarters.

Cisco’s annual schools’ challenge has run for several years as ‘The Red Button Challenge’. This year it is called ‘The Little Big Awards’ to align it with the annual BIG (Business Innovation Gateway) Awards for innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses (

The group presented their ideas about the MarketFinder app, at Cisco’s Headquarters on Friday 20th March and were amongst nine other high performing surrey schools competing for the prize.

The group consisted:
1. Rahman Aghazada
2. Taran Llewelyn Bradford (Computing Newsletters correspondent: Year 9 )
3. Gerard Glowacki
4. Bert Harle
5. Anna Kodicek
6. Danial Kamal Shahreen
7. Anais Venkatasawmy

The group ideas were based upon:
— MarketFinder is an app that allows you to find street markets in your area.
— You can discover new markets that you had never heard of before.
— Market holders can upload their markets onto our app and this will allow them to reach a larger audience.

As a whole group they presented their ideas with panache and with a slice of HCH humour.
The group received a certificate of participation for their tremendous efforts to research, develop and present their creative excellence after an intense interrogation by several judges.

The group are to be congratulated for all the efforts to work as a team.

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