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The Big Think

On Friday, our group went to the Science Museum for activities day. We went there by train to Wimbledon and then took the tube to South Kensington. In the museum we first had 20 minutes to visit some of it, we visited the astronomy part. Then we watched a movie in an iMax theatre in 3D about engineering and how much engineering impacts the world we live in and how important it is. It was one if the biggest screens that we have seen and the 3D effects were remarkable. After, we went upstairs and played games based on engineering and space. Later on, we ate lunch and visited the rest of the museum which I found very interesting and informative. The museum covered vehicles, economics, space and more although we didn’t have enough time to visit everything but we still enjoyed it. Finally we arrived at school at exactly 4 pm.

Post written by Charles in Year 9.