Neelu Vasishth

Position: Head of Computer Science
Teacher of: Computer Science

Neelu is an experienced Computer science professional with over 16 years of experience as an industry professional and an educator. She grew up in India and pursued Computer Science Engineering (with Honors) and later an executive programme in management from one of India’s premier management institutions. For the first decade of her career, she was deeply immersed in software development and large scale engineering management. Her work experience was equally split between Germany and India and she worked with leading tech companies like Hughes, Lucent technologies and L&T Infotech, as well as start-ups in the mobile telephony space.

After moving to London, Neelu did a PGCE from King’s college London and has been teaching computer science to KS3-KS5 for the past 6 years. As a computer science educator, she likes to share her experience of being a professional coder with young students to open their minds to new possibilities. She loves diverse environments and continue to explore new teaching methods recognising equality and cultural challenges.

She enjoys yoga, reading, travelling and spending time with her children. She is always looking to share a laugh with her colleagues and students.