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Students Awarded DELF Diplomas

Axelle Oxborrow, the UK co-ordinator for DELF examinations from the Institut Français, was at school on Wednesday to give out diplomas to our students who passed the DELF exams last June.

There are different levels within DELF (A1, A2, B1, B2) and last year was the first time HCH entered students for all four exams.

Maria in Year 7 said, “I have my diploma for A1 DELF exams! I was very happy to see that all the work was worth it and I’ve achieved a lot in French. It was great to see my sister, too, receive her diploma, and my parents are very proud of us both!”

Inigo in Year 11 said, “I am so glad I passed my B1 examination as it will open many doors for me in life. I will now be able to use this as a basis for working or studying in France. In addition to this I will be able to enjoy myself in any francophone country/culture or in my year off where I am thinking of working as a ski instructor.”

Alex in Year 7 said, “I am very proud of myself. I hadn’t studied French before I came to HCH. I can’t believe that I got a DELF exam certificate.

His parents added, “we are very proud of Alex. He has done great work in French even though he just started.”

Jay in Year 7 said, “I received a Diplôme for the DELF and was happy. I said a very loud ‘merci’ when I was handed my Diplôme.”

Congratuations to all the students.

Y7: Dorian, Maria, Jay, Alex.

Y8: Amelia, Katie, Sorrel, Daniil, Benny, Polina, Florence.

Y10: Alisa.

Y11: Inigo, AnaÏs, Gerard.

Y12: Chloé, Charles.