Pastoral Care

The Head of Pastoral Care has overall responsibility for the pastoral needs of the students in the school. He is also in charge of school discipline; this is because we seek to avoid a culture of rules and sanctions. We always consider disciplinary issues in the context of the ‘whole person’, in order that good behaviour be internalised ‘from within’, rather than being imposed through fear of punishment.

Jose M Alvarez-CamposMA
  • Deputy DSL

The Head of Pastoral Care is supported in his role by the Form Tutors below and Katie Hager-Conroy, the Assistant Head of Pastoral Care.

Kathryn Hager ConroyBA, MA, DPhil (Oxon)
  • Assistant Head of Pastoral Care (Deputy DSL)

The Form Tutor is responsible for the day-to-day pastoral needs of the students in his or her form. Serious pastoral issues are always referred to the Head of Pastoral Care who meets with the Headmaster each day.

Form Tutors


Laraib SaeedBSc PGCE
  • Year 12 Form Tutor

Thomas RobertsBA PGCE
  • Year 12 Form Tutor


  • Year 11 Form Tutor

Clarisse GheurMA
  • Head of Humanities

Rebeca PernasBA
  • Year 10 Form Tutor


Francesca SimkinBA MPhil PhD
  • Head of Languages

Eve BlackwoodBA MSc
  • Head of Art & Photography

Jo ThesigerBA DipLaw PGCE
  • Year 5 Form Tutor

Sam DykesBSc
  • Year 6 Form Tutor


Julie RomieuMA
  • Head of French
  • Year 4 Form Tutor

Zelda EscudiéBA
  • Year 3 Form Teacher

Caroline WeisBA MA
  • On Maternity Leave
  • Year 1 Form Tutor


Sara FolkesBSc PGCertPSE
  • Deputy Head of Early Years
  • Early Years Safeguarding Lead (& Deputy DSL)
  • Reception Form Tutor

Maritza AmadoLevel 4 - Early Years, Care and Education
  • Nursery Form Tutor

An important aspect of Hampton Court House is the extent to which our children form friendships outside their year group. This is something we actively promote. Through the Student Council, older students formalise structures to help younger students get the most from their time in school.

We want all our students to look forward to coming to school each morning and to return home in good spirits each afternoon.

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Key information from the above policies is included in each issue of Children’s Almanack.